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How To Promote Your Blog And Get A Constant Flow Of Traffic For Free

How To Promote Your Blog And Get A Constant Flow Of Traffic For Free

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Whether you are a website owner, blogger or internet marketer, the most important aspect of your online work is to receive quality traffic back to your site. You will therefore need to apply the best strategies to increase website’s traffic. Getting traffic to your blog is not a hard task it just takes a little bit of time work and effort if you are not willing to put the cash in it. There are a few ways you can accomplish this task and in this post I would like to share with you a few ways on how you can promote your blog while bringing in a constant flow of traffic for little or no cost to you:

Quality Articles

This is the single most important way of increasing blog traffic. Publish quality, relevant and interesting topics that will keep your subscribers longing for more. Satisfied subscribers will always visit your website and voluntarily share your posts, giving you more traffic. Do proper research on your topic. Look around in forums, other blogs, answer sites, and other website related to the topic you are writing about. See the kind of question people are asking frequently and find the answers to them.

Before you begin writing, do proper keywords research as well. Having the right keywords can get you a ton of free traffic by ranking on the first pages of the major search engines like Google and Bing. Use the google keyword planner (do a search for in Google keyword planner). Try to go after those low competition long tail keywords if you could but if you can’t its ok. You are writing good quality articles for your readers not the search engines. If you continue to write quality articles on the regular basis the major search engines will take recognition of your blog and begin to rank you. You will even end up ranking for good keywords you would have never even thought of.

Try to give lengthy good quality articles. 500 to 700 word articles may be ok but what search engines really like are long (1000 to 3000 words) quality articles that give a ton of quality information. This also helps your bounce rate as well.

Try to have at least 4 to 5 really lengthy articles on your website that expresses what your website is about. Yaro from entrepreneurs-journey.com call these types of articles your pillar posts. It’s these posts that are going to get the most attention the most likes and shares on your site and the ones that will bring the most traffic. These are post that never get outdated and continue to bring a ton of traffic through social media and the major search engines such as Google and Bing.

Place pictures and videos into the post if you could this also helps lower your bounce rate drastically. Your visitors tend to stay on pages longer if there are a number of pictures or a video on it. This also increases the chance of them sharing it.

Having a good Headline

Having a good headline is a crucial part of your article and getting traffic. When someone shares your post, the first thing that is seen before the post is ever open is your headline. It’s also what is shown in the search engines. This is why it’s important to do proper keyword research but it doesn’t just stop there. It’s important that your headline catches your readers attention and it makes them want to click and keep reading. No matter how good the post may be if the headline is bad no one will click on it to read it and if no one clicks on it you won’t get any traffic.

To come up with a good headline do a little research to see what people are searching for. You can check out Topsy.com for ideas to see what people are tweeting about and sharing. There is also a site called Hubpsot which has a tool called Hubspot blog topic generator and also a site called content idea generator that will help you come up with really good headlines.

The search engines are also a great way to get ideas in creating good headlines. Do a Google or Bing search with the keywords and pay attention to the types of headlines that show up on the front page.  Google alerts can also help by sending alerts on the latest topics in your niche.


 Twitter is one of the hottest social networks out right now. Just about every celebrity you can think of has been known to send a tweet or two. Twitter is also a place where people tend to share a lot of information in different niches. For this reason you can get some really targeted traffic using twitter.

Using Twitter for traffic you should make sure that your profile page is properly set up.  Make sure that it has pleasant look with a picture and a logo. It doesn’t have to be a professional looking good it just has to look nice.

It would be a really great idea if you created a twitter page just for your blog.  The picture and the boarder created match the theme of your blog. In the bio you can place the name of your site along with a short summary of what your blog is about. You should place a pinned post on your profile page. You can do this by placing a picture with a link to one of your pillar post. This will allow you to get a ton of new visitors to your site from twitter.

You can also go to Topsy.com, place a keyword related to your blog into the search box, click on “influencers”, and then click on search. You will see a list of the top influencers for the keyword you placed in. You can begin to follow their followers and when they check out your profile they will then see your pinned post.

There is a great tool called follower grabber that grabs all of the twitter followers of each influencer with one click. It is a paid tool but a great investment as it will save you a ton of time following each person. If you have the funds to invest I recommend you do if not you can just do it manually by clicking on each person.

Once you have build up a large amount of followers you can begin sending tweets to them about different post on your blog. There is also a tool called Hootsuite that can automate this process for you where you can send out tweets anytime of the day you want. You can also send out more than one tweet through the day increasing the chances of being seen. The free version would be sufficient enough for this.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is a great way to get a ton of exposure to your blog. YouTube is the second largest search engine online. Each day there are millions of people doing searches on YouTube. YouTube is own by Google so can easily get your videos ranking in google front page and on YouTube with proper keyword research.

You can do more keyword research using google keyword planner once again, find those keywords which are getting a good amount of searches in google (over 1000) and low competition pertaining to your blog and, create short videos around those keywords.

Create a short video about your blog or a post you did with your blog. You can use YouTube editor to create PowerPoint video or you can use a free screenshot tool called Jing. This is really all you need but if you want to get real fancy you can use video creator called Camtasia. Place a call to action in your videos. Make sure let your viewers know in click on the link below in the description (which you will be placing there) to go to your blog.

A great thing to do would be to create a intro and outro on your video. The intro and outro would have your blog’s address in it. Also I would encourage viewers to like and share your video in your outro as well.  You can create these for free with windows movie maker or you can pay someone on Fiverr five bucks to create a professional looking one for you.

After you created your video and upload it make sure that you have your main keywords in your headline, tag, and above the fold in the description box. Also make sure that you have a call to action and your blog link in the first line of the description.  Write a brief description of what your video is about in the description box. This helps Google in finding your videos.

Creating these short videos is really easy and can bring a ton of traffic to your blog. There are marketers and bloggers that just use video marketing alone to market their websites and blogs. Can you imagine if you have only 5 short videos about different blog post and keywords and each of those videos are ranking for keywords in google getting over 2,000 searches a month?

It doesn’t have to stop with YouTube. You can place your video on other popular video platforms like Dailymotion, Vimeo, and Metacafe. There are also software and services that distribute your video to a ton of other video platforms like Trafficgeyser.com.

 Facebook Groups

Facebook is the biggest social network right now with over a billion users. Everyone you probably know is on Facebook including your mama literally. By joining Facebook groups relevant to your niche, you can tap into some very targeted traffic.  The key to making this method work is not to spam the group but simply share relevant information.You can also share your videos in these Facebook groups.

If you’re in the gardening niche and you are frequently sharing articles from your blog about the gardening, you will begin to get others in the group checking your blog to see what you have to offer. If your post is high quality articles which others find useful they will begin to share your post as well.

Imagine sharing a blog post every day in a group of over 50,000 members in your niche and then imagine doing this in more than one group. Do you think you will get some high quality targeted traffic to your blog doing this?

LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn is somewhat like Facebook but whereas Facebook is more family and friends oriented, LinkedIn is more business oriented. You probably won’t see your cousin’s vacation to Vegas pictures on LinkedIn.

Joining LinkedIn groups is basically the same as joining Facebook groups. One thing about LinkedIn you are Limited to the amount of groups you can join.

What I like about LinkedIn is that certain niches have very large groups with very active members. LinkedIn is very strict about what you share in their groups. If you are spamming you could get thrown out but if you are sharing quality post they will gladly share your post and visit yours sites.  What I also like is I can send 1 post to numerous groups at one time making LinkedIn a very time efficient way to bring in targeted traffic to my blog for free.

Comments on Other Blogs

This is kind of a old method but still affective when you are posting quality information to the topic. Pick out some other leading blog posts especially the ones relating to your niche and always comment, leave replies or answer queries there. Add your URL on the comment and lead the prospects to your blog for more information. However, ensure you only add relevant and quality comments that are connected to the blog post.

Forum Posting

This is another old method but still one of my favorite.  Forum posting can get you a ton of traffic to your blog with people who interested in what you have to say. The key to this is to find forums in your niche that allow you to have a signature. As you begin to give quality answers in different thread regularly, people tend to take notice to you and your signature and begin to click on it. If you are in the IM niche the warrior forum is a great place to find quality post and for this method.


Question and Answer Sites

Question and Answer sites like Yahoo Answers tend to have a lot of visitors and rank very well in Bing and Google. Search through the site for questions that pertain to your blog and give quality answers. You can also leave a link to your blog in your answer as well. With Yahoo Answers you may have to answer a few questions before they begin allowing to leave a link in your post but it’s well worth it.

Finding blogs, forums, and question and answers sites in your niche to post to on a regular basis can be a tedious task.  There is a tool called BuzzBundle which makes finding and posting on these different sites a breeze. There is a free and paid version. The free version gives you a limited amount of places you can post to but you can use this until you can get the paid version.

Email Signatures

When sending emails to your subscribers and prospects, ensure you create an appealing signature on them and add your URL too. You may also add a brief blurb that entices the followers to visit your site.  If you’re sending out emails regularly and your subscribers are constantly seeing your address as your signature chances are they will eventually head over to your blog to see what you to offer.

Article Directories

Another way to increase traffic is to create quality and original articles and submit them to article directories like ezinearticles.com. This method was use back in the good ole google days for generating a tong of backlinks to your site. These days it’s not as affective for getting backlinks as it used to be but you still can get some traffic from submitting your articles to article directories.

People searching for information on various matters will come across your blog, read it and will definitely click your back link for detailed information. You can also pin your quality article images at Pinterest and link them to your page. Remember every little bit of traffic you get adds up.

Slide Share

Article submission might have died a bit but there is a new way to get more exposure to you articles outside of your blog and  it’s called Pdf Sharing. Pdf Sharing sites allow you to take your articles and share them on their site in pdf format. One of the more popular of the pdf sharing sites is slide share.

Slide share gets tons of people every day looking for slide shows and pdfs in just about any and every niche.  Slide share is also ranked very high in Google. If you place a quality article that solves a problem people are searching for, your pdf file can get a ton of views from slide share visitors and ranked in google.

It’s really easy to get your articles or blog post into pdf format. You can use a free program called OpenOffice (which is similar to Microsoft Office) and save your document in pdf format.   Remember to place your blog address at the top of your page and links to your blog through the article before you save it into pdf format.

This is a set and forget method and you can save as many as these articles in slide share as you want.  There are a number of pdfs on slide share that gets tens even hundreds of thousands of views and tons of downloads. The more pdfs you post to Slide Share the more your web address is seen.



This is an in-depth look at some of the methods I and others use in ways on how you can promote your blog and get a ton of free traffic at the same time. As you can see some of these methods take a little more work than others. Some are more set and forget while others are little more hands on but all require action. If you found this blog post helpful I encourage you to share it. Also I encourage you to pick one or two method what suits you and immediately begin to take action.

Oct 09

Your Personal Money Tree : How To Monetize A Blog For Passive Income

Your Personal Money Tree : How To Monetize A Blog For Passive Income

money tree








A well maintained and professional blog can be converted into a cash cow but the most difficult part is to figure out how to turn your blog into dollars. Most bloggers endeavor to generate an income using one method especially banner ads which makes their blog look quite littered and they end up earning very little money.

However, there are many other better ways that will transform your blog into real money generating activity:

This article gives you 8 Top Most Blog Monetization Tips:

Membership Programs

This involves creating a blog and providing your subscribers with regular free and high quality content. You then provide a premium package to access more content at a membership fee. Those willing can pay to get the premier package. This is a sure way to get continuous steady income.

Sell Your Own Products

With a good blog that has built a reputation in the market, you are capable of selling your own products to your subscribers. E-books and videos have become more common amongst bloggers, who package them and sell them digitally. This way you will have all the profits to yourself. You can also sell physical products and direct your customers to an online store.

Sell other Peoples Product

If you really do not want to brand your own product for selling, pick some fast moving products from other companies and sell for them at a commission. Promote products that you have used and genuinely loved.  [shock_spots id=”368″]


If you are an expertise in a particular field, selling your services online like web development, blog coaching, or motivational speaking is a great way to make money . Your blog builds a reputation for you and you make money by offering your services either online or offline. However, this may require a lot of work and time than any other method.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is an awesome technique to grow your income tremendously. Add relevant affiliate links to your blog. Through your blog you recommend your audience other products or services and when they buy through your affiliate link, you get paid for

Oct 09

The Deer In Headlights: How To Write Effective Headlines

The Deer In Headlights: How To Write Effective Headlines

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Writing catchy headings is definitely very important for online marketers and bloggers. The main purpose of a title is to get your audience to read your story and if it is boring, no one will be interested with your posts and you will have no followers. Well written headings are important on many fronts including but not limited to the following:

Grab Search Engine Attention

One of the most important factors that search engines use to rank your page is the words you use in your title. Titles are included in the title tags by most content publishers which will contribute to your page ranking. Other bloggers will use your title to link you and share your page.                                                     [shock_spots id=”368″]

Capture Readers Attention

Anyone surfing the net will definitely click on a title that compels and raises their anticipation to read on. A good title captures enough attention and is a good marketing tool for you. Your posts become an automatic read.

Attract more traffic

Headings create a first impression to your target market. They are an excitement to many and will be widely shared across the social media network and increase your traffic rapidly and tremendously.

Retain Your Subscribers

To maintain a good number of followers all the time, you need to have frequent posts. As mentioned above, your posts will only be read if you have a very good headline. When you adopt the skill of writing captivating headlines, you keep your subscribers very alert and always yearning for more posts.

In view of the above, it goes without saying that learning to write great headings is imperative and here below are great ideas on How to Write Magnetic headings:

Use Very Catchy Words

Your article titles should be very juicy to make your readers crave to read the content. Use of adjectives like Incredible, Amazing, Wonderful and many more – assist in making great titles. However, you should not promise what you cannot offer, ensure your content delivers what the title says

Be Beneficial

Let the title tell the readers what they will gain from reading your post. To say the least, it should teach, guide or provide a certain solution.

Oct 09

The Dynamic Duo: The Major Advantages of Integrating Email Marketing With Blogging

The Dynamic Duo: The Major Advantages of Integrating Email Marketing With Blogging

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It is barely sufficient for bloggers to write quality posts but they must make concerted effort to ensure their target audience finds the posts. You definitely have to inform your audience that you have new content in your blog. Email marketing has to be incorporated into your blogging to ensure you build a successful online marketing business. This means you must use them together to achieve effective results. By doing so, you achieve the following major advantages:

Create Brand Awareness

A simple but powerful email introducing yourself makes your audience aware of your blog. Your target audience will start visiting your blog and eventually subscribe to your emails. Your blog becomes known with little effort and in a very cost effective way.

Keep your Audience Engaged

Your database contains a list of your subscribers or potential clients whom at one point have read your newsletters. To deepen this relationship and keep it burning, it is important to keep sending email newsletters for your current posts. This way, you ensure you are always in the minds of your subscribers and they develop a desire to visit your blog.

Automatic and Timely Sharing of New Posts

Most of your subscribers will forget to regularly check your blog for new posts. Emails ensure that your posts are shared on time in fact, instantly. Your subscribers receive your content as soon as you publish providing an opportunity for instant response. Any subscriber who does not read the content immediately, can easily access the posts later in their inboxes. Without an email, your posts will remain just a blog and will be easily forgotten.

Revive and Share Old Content

Posts that created an impact in your blog should not just be regarded as old. With email marketing, you are able to re-share such posts or any other that you deem fit. You may even revive the post by re -branding making it look new. However, ensure you only share posts with current and relevant information.

Build more Audience

Whenever you send out an email with an awesome post, the likelihood of it being shared is high. One email newsletter may not be read but subsequent email newsletters containing different posts will create interest to the audience prompting for a subscription. This increases the number of visitors to your blog.

Create a Personal Touch

Email makes your business conversation more personalized. It is a direct line of communication with your followers and helps cement your relationship with them. Your subscribers have a reason to trust you having read a number of your newsletters that helped them in one way or the other. They feel attracted to you and your blog.

Track Results

Most email providers will show statistics of who shared your emails and key stats like open rates, click rates and read rates which enable you track the results of your emails. You can then dedicate your campaigns to your key influences.

Blogging and email marketing work wonderfully together to build a successful online marketing business. Take the steps mentioned above and capture the opportunity to increase customer engagement and grow your blog.

Oct 06

Rich Jerk Review

 Rich Jerk Review









The Rich Jerk program is a program created by Kelly Felix which
teaches you the most up to dat internet marketing techniques for
creating income online. The Rich Jerk is a crazy character
created by Kelly to grab it’s viewers attention and has done
very well in doing so from the success of the first Rich Jerk
program back in 2005.


– Teaches you the techniques for creating income that are working today

– Shows you actual case studies of what was done to create income.

– Shows you some of his SEO strategies that are still working today
with all the changes being made on google.

get access now


The sales page may seem a bit offensive to you. The Rich Jerk character
drops alot of F bombs on it.


The Rich Jerk program is a proven course that has help many of
today’s internet marketers become multi millionaires in the internet
marketing industry. Although the new version gives you totally new
strategies for creating income online, alot of internet marketers
are still making a ton of income from what was taught in the first

get instant access 5

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P1 Targeting App Review

P1 Targeting App Review

P1 Targeting App is a app created by Peter Garet that allows you to get easy organic traffic in all top search engines and also Facebook. Majority of the tools uses google keyword tool.
Google doesnt reveal every keyword that is ranking but the P1
allows you to find keywords from not only google but it generates
keyword from other sources like Bing Facebook and yahoo.

p1 targeting app pic






Key Benefits

– It gives you a profitability score see how hard a keyword is to rank

– You can find keywords that your competition is ranking for
and how hard it would be to rank for those very same keyword

– You can also take all the keywords competition is ranking for and
place them into your keyword campaign

– It isn’t a tool you have to download and it works really quick

– It allows you to show multiple keywords for multiple ideas

– You can filter out bad keywords out

– It will show you the information for each keyword in google

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The P1 Targeting App is a great tool finding profitable keywords
in creating content for your website or paid ad campaigns. The
tool allows you to find those untapped keywords that google
does not show and allows you to rank in other major search engines
like Bing and even Facebook.

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Oct 06

Social Video Spark Review

Social Video Spark Review


social video spark







Social Video Spark is a software that you can use to create video
campaigns to place on YouTube timeline. You grab cc videos from YouTube
or you can create brand new videos.



– The software finds CC videos on YouTube for you that you can
use to place on YouTube.

– You can place a watermark on the video to label the video.

– You can create intro and outro for your videos using the

– You can place a call to action button and a clickable link to
videos using this software

– You can select the profile or fan page you want to post the video

– The video will auto-play on Facebook if your using mobile device on


get access now



Social Video Spark makes creating and posting videos on Facebook a breeze.
Your video auto play in Facebook on PC and mobile devices which
gets them more exposure and more targeted traffic coming to your sites.
Social Video Spark can be a great tool for getting free targeted
traffic from Facebook.

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Oct 02

Stock Media Monster Review

Stock Media Monster Review

stock media monster pic





Stock Media Monster V1 is a complete stock media library you
can use just about anything. Whatever you need stock media for
you can use this.

Key Benefits:

– You get over 6000 pieces of content, background and images

– You get these images at the cost of less than a penny

– There is a one time fee. No credit pay or recurring fee

– Royalty free images to use where ever you want

get access now


Stock media monster is your one stop shop for stock images.
Never again would you have to pay for every piece of image.
With Stock Media Monster you get over 6000 images and background
for one cost.

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Sep 30

Clickbank Domination Review

Clickbank Domination Review

clickbank domination








Clickbank Domination is a affiliate marketing course created by 3 marketers Kash Khullar, Sudesh Gamage, and Alex Langidis. What these guys did was came up with a to market clickbank products using Microsoft Bing platform. They have been very successful in creating  passive income using the methods and they show exactly how they do it in Clickbank Domination.

Key Benefits:

  • They show you everything step by step from find profitable clickbank products to setting up your Bing ads
  • You can start a campaign with less than 10 bucks
  • It only takes about 20 minutes to set up your campaign
  • You don’t need a website to profit using this method
  • You can scale this method

get access now


Great course with clear understanding of what to do but I wish it was in video format as well as pdf.


Clickbank Domination is a great course to use to begin earning passive income using Bing ads and Clickbank. With tons of great products in Clickbank you will never run out of products to promote. The course also shows you how to scale up your campaigns creating even more income. Clickbank Domination is a step by step guide. You just read through the steps and begin to take action.

get instant access 5

Sep 30

How To Find Your Niche Market

How To Find Your Niche Market

find niche








If you have a strong desire to become a successful internet marketer, the first step is to establish the right niche. A niche is a product or service or subject that you are interested in. The target market is the “niche market” which can be explained as a group of people who have similar needs and wants or share a common interest and are looking for a solution to their problem. It is a part of the larger market. As an internet marketer you must learn and master techniques of finding your niche market which is to achieve profitability. The following tips will assist you to find your right niche market.

Make a list of at least 10 niche topics

Come up with topics that interest you. Examine what you like most in life or what you have passion about. It could be about health and fitness, business, designing or anything that you have shown interest in over time. You may also want to consider what products or services you are interested in selling online either directly or through affiliate marketing and create a topic around this. List all of them in order of priority. You can also research on the internet to find out what people are searching for. It could be current news, technology or what those around you are mostly interested in.

Rate the Topics

The internet will assist you to narrow down the topics. It will show you how popular a particular niche is. Google trend is a good tool that will indicate how many times your topic has been entered. For example: Google each topic and see how many results come up for that particular topic.

You may also narrow down your topic to come up with a more specific topic. If you have chosen, weight loss, it is obvious that too many results will show up. Narrow down your topic to: Weight loss and Diet or even further.

Topics that have too many search results mean that competition is very high, whilst topics with fewer results mean that very few people are searching that topic. So it is best to pick out the topic that is about average which will help you come up with a successful niche. You can accomplish this by narrowing down your niche topics.

Pick the niche that you can easily develop good content

After the getting the internet rating, it is important to choose a niche that you are highly knowledgeable about to enable you build relative content. Do not go for a niche that is too hard to come up with continuous content. Your possible subscribers need quality and creative content and if this is not achieved, you will have failed in this niche market.

Alternatively, you may pick out a niche that you are not familiar with but demand is high, carry out proper research to enable you understand it and come up with relevant content. Further, you may hire experienced writers in this niche to create content for you.

Once you have accomplished the above, you start operating your internet business by creating an attractive website or blog. Posting relevant and current topics about this niche will ensure your online business is among the best in terms of traffic which translates to higher returns.