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Your Personal Money Tree : How To Monetize A Blog For Passive Income

Your Personal Money Tree : How To Monetize A Blog For Passive Income

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A well maintained and professional blog can be converted into a cash cow but the most difficult part is to figure out how to turn your blog into dollars. Most bloggers endeavor to generate an income using one method especially banner ads which makes their blog look quite littered and they end up earning very little money.

However, there are many other better ways that will transform your blog into real money generating activity:

This article gives you 8 Top Most Blog Monetization Tips:

Membership Programs

This involves creating a blog and providing your subscribers with regular free and high quality content. You then provide a premium package to access more content at a membership fee. Those willing can pay to get the premier package. This is a sure way to get continuous steady income.

Sell Your Own Products

With a good blog that has built a reputation in the market, you are capable of selling your own products to your subscribers. E-books and videos have become more common amongst bloggers, who package them and sell them digitally. This way you will have all the profits to yourself. You can also sell physical products and direct your customers to an online store.

Sell other Peoples Product

If you really do not want to brand your own product for selling, pick some fast moving products from other companies and sell for them at a commission. Promote products that you have used and genuinely loved.  [shock_spots id=”368″]


If you are an expertise in a particular field, selling your services online like web development, blog coaching, or motivational speaking is a great way to make money . Your blog builds a reputation for you and you make money by offering your services either online or offline. However, this may require a lot of work and time than any other method.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is an awesome technique to grow your income tremendously. Add relevant affiliate links to your blog. Through your blog you recommend your audience other products or services and when they buy through your affiliate link, you get paid for

Sep 29

Habits Of Highly Successful People

Habits Of Highly Successful People







The most successful people in the world possess common characteristics and certain principles that they apply during their lifetime. Various studies have shown that certain habits have greatly contributed to their personal development and overall success. This implies that in order to be successful, it is imperative to adopt the following 8 simple habits successful people have in common:


One of the most important things in life is to develop a passion for what you are doing. Successful entrepreneurs are very enthusiastic about their business and have a great desire to accomplish their goals. Their mind, body and soul are all focused towards success. They never force themselves to do things they don’t like but rather choose what they like doing most.


In order to be successful, you must take charge of your life and be willing to do things without being pushed or micro managed. This means that you will be personally responsible for the outcome making you perform at your best.

Set Goals

Successful people have clear objectives and goals. They know very well what they want to achieve and develop measures to ensure the goals are met. These goals lead them clearly and they are able to focus on the end result without losing track.


It is imperative to identify tasks that are important and work on them first. Successful people are able to organize their duties giving them an opportunity to focus on great things and work on the less important tasks later.

Keen Listeners

If you do not listen to what others have to say, you will never learn. Keen listeners are able to understand well and develop a great thinking ability. They are not quick to talk but listen carefully and pick out all essentials and put them into practice. If you are a good listener, people will love your company and in turn promote your business which leads to success.

Look out for Opportunities

Some opportunities are rare and come once in a lifetime. Successful people look out for chances and events that can lead them closer to their goals and take advantage of them. They analyze every situation they come across to make the best out of it. They do not fear to take steps but have courage to face challenges that can turn out to be great opportunities.

Read Books

Most successful entrepreneurs have confessed to having read several books that inspired them to become what they are today. Reading helps your brain remain active and enhances your mind. You become more knowledgeable and better equipped to handle life situations and in turn become successful.

Positive Mind

This is probably the most crucial habit successful people possess. Remaining positive actually supports all the other good habits mentioned above. Develop this habit by being optimistic which in turn manages your stress and enhances your zeal towards your work. Always avoid negative and self-defeating thoughts. Strive to make the best out of a bad situation with a positive attitude.

Overall, poor habits lead people to failure and regrets. Benjamin Franklin puts it in a wonderful way that “Your net worth to the world is usually determined by what remains after your bad habits are subtracted from your good ones”

Sep 25

7 Unique Ways To Find Hot Blog Topics

7 Unique Ways To Find Hot Blog Topics

hot topics

So, you are a blogger in a particular niche and suddenly you have run out of ideas? You have always given fresh content every day to your subscribers but now you are stuck? Indeed, it is a big challenge to most bloggers to find fresh, relevant and unique topics to write about. However, you do not have to struggle anymore but read on and see 7 great ways to find blog topics for your niche.


Read E-books

As a blogger, you should have a passion for reading books. There are many books available online that can give you great ideas on topics to write about. Sites like Amazon have awesome eBooks that are packed with a lot of information that will assist you in your blogging. You should target reading popular books in your niche and enrich your mind.


Use Social Media Groups

Social media groups like Google Groups or Facebook will give you a host of ideas to write about. These groups that have been formed to bring people with the same interests together are always discussing various topics. Check out on questions being asked and research for answers and make a good topic.


Comment on Other Blogs

It is imperative to always visit top blogs similar to your niche and get ideas on what topics you can write about. Use a different approach to write the topics. Another way is to go through the comments from subscribers and find out what they seek to know or the questions they are asking, answer them briefly, create a topic and link them back to your blog.


Ask your Subscribers

Your readers may need information on a particular topic that you have not covered in your blog. Once in a while, toss that email to your subscribers requesting them if there is a particular topic they need covered or questions they need answered.


Research on the Net

Sites like BuzzSumo is a wonderful tool that will assist you research your blog topics. You only need to type the keyword related to your topic and it will list all the popular topics that have gone viral on the net. You can then use your own words to write the topics. Many other search engines and sites will list popular terms that people are searching for.


Current News and Events

Check out on magazines and read articles related to your niche to get ideas on topics to cover. Reading newspapers will also give you very educative and unique information that you can cover. Check out publications that you can be reading on a regular basis.



If your blog can relate to particular products or services, doing occasional product reviews will provide very importation details that most customers are looking for before making a purchase. Provide all the relevant information that a buyer would need before making the final purchase decision.

Utilize the above tips and you will definitely have a continuous flow of topics to blog about. In return, you will have high traffic and search engines will rate your blog highly leading to increased revenue.


Apr 13

4 Reasons Why You Should Be Branding Yourself

Every business owner knows the importance of branding their business by picking a name customers remember and with offering services or products people will keep coming back. Branding your business is certainly important and necessary, but branding yourself is even more important. No matter what niche you’re involved in, you probably have competitors. What makes you different than your competition? Well, that’s what personal branding is all about, letting your customers know exactly what makes you different, and better than the rest.

Reaching Out

In the age of Google searches and instant information, branding yourself is now more essential than ever. People don’t want to invest in the company, they want to invest in the person. Through branding yourself, you will be able to speak directly to potential customers or investors without even saying a word. Your own personal branding is the image you build for yourself that’s presented to the public eye, namely with sites such as Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+…just to name a few. Creating a unique, consistent and trustworthy presence, both online and offline, you will be able to attract an indefinite number of prospective customers to your business.

Building Trust

Personal branding helps build trust between you and your customers through a constant stream of communication and connections. By communicating your unique set of values, goals, and expertise in your field you will begin to attract more attention to your business and customers will reach out to you more because you have established a personal connecting. Engaging with your customers in a relevant and meaningful way is a constant reminder of why they choose to do business with you. Personal branding equals customer loyalty.

guy in suit

Become an Expert, Make More Money

Another reason why personal branding is so important is because it raises the value of your business. Once you have established your personal brand through many days, months, even years of hard work, you will become known as an expert in your field. Gaining expert status means having the privilege of raising your current rates and/or prices. This increase in income will not only help to fatten your pockets, it will make the value of your business itself skyrocket. It’s simple supply and demand. There is only one of you (supply), and if everybody wants what you alone are offering (demand), your earning potential suddenly becomes nearly limitless.

Let Yourself Shine

Building a successful personal brand is probably the most effective way of standing out from your competition. When customers have the choice between you and 100 other companies, your personal brand is what makes them choose you instead of someone else from the sea of choices. Get more customers by letting them know what makes you different. Communicate your personal values, ideas, opinions, and beliefs that relate to your business, and you will be giving your customers a reason to do business with you.

Personal branding is not a sprint, but a marathon. It takes times, effort, and skills to be successful to build the brand you want. However, it is absolutely essential to start building a personal brand for your business if you haven’t started already. Build a website, a blog, start tweeting, sharing, posting and reaching out to your customers so they know why you’re better than the rest.


Mar 31

4 Important Tips To Consider While Hiring A Content Writer

4 Important Tips To Consider While Hiring A Content Writer

If you are looking for someone who will come up with articles on a regular basis for you, it might be a bit tricky. More so it will be time consuming since you have to give them a task from, which you will weigh their competence with. Fortunately, when you get one you like, the difficult search will be cut short and things will get easier probably turning it into a profitable business. While hiring content writers, consider the following factors.

Fluent English

This is the most important quality that a content writer should possess. A flawless command of English language is inevitable. If he or she can’t explain something with ease in fluent English, should not be hired for this task. Conversely, if the writer can be able to impress his or her audience, the best deal. Spelling and grammar mistakes should be minimized in most of the website contents, this makes it important for someone to hire somebody who is competent enough to rise to the task.

Great editing and proofreading skills

A content writer should be able to proofread a document or an article with ease. A professional writer should be able to identify grammatical errors, misspelled words, content mistakes and other syntax mistakes that might be on your website. Therefore, the writer hired should be able to notice those mistakes very fast and correct them before the visitors or your customers can see them. This assists in eliminating negative reactions or unwanted rising of certain claims by the visitors of the websites.


Experience is another way of telling whether a certain writer is competent enough or can rise to the task on hand. Before you hire a content writer make sure you verify the number of years they have worked as professional writers or perhaps practiced it in another way. This will give you an insight as to how far they can reach in making ends meet for your needs while you get to employ them. Gaining knowledge and skills cannot substitute experience. More so, all companies look for the experience someone has in certain field before hiring him or her, experience is paramount.

An extensive and well wrapped up portfolio

Finally, reliable and professional writers usually have a comprehensive portfolio they utilize in sampling their work. This portfolio showcases the writer in hand, best work and other sample articles they have written in the past. In addition, they give you sample links to the websites they have worked for or even a client list to source their details from. While hiring content writers make sure you go through their portfolios keenly to ascertain they can do what you want. For more tips on hiring your next writer visit click here.


Mar 28

11 Ways To Overcome Procrastination


So you got that big presentation due in 5 days. You are at worked all pump and excited to start preparing for it. You say to yourself the minute I get home I’m going to jump on this right away by start planning and researching.

You get home place those files down and say to yourself you know what I got 4 more days to spare I’ll start at it tomorrow. The next day comes around you do the something. Then the next day until finally you are there the night before the presentation going nuts trying figure out how you going to plan this entire presentation in one night.

You get it done but it’s not your best and you look as if you been drinking all night long because you were up until 5 am trying to finish up your presentation due today. You are so tired that you can barely present your work. Does any of this sound familiar to you?

How often do you get distracted when you want to do something and end up postponing that task for a later period? Or rather, how often do you find yourself putting tasks off to the very last possible minute? Well, this habit is called procrastination. It is a behavior that affects majority of us and can be a major problem in both our personal life and our career.

When you find yourself putting off things that you should be concentrating on right now, frequently in favor of doing things or something you find more enjoyable or more comfortable doing, then you are a victim but probably not the only one. This behavior pattern is normally triggered in many distinct ways but not for the same reason.

Actions you need to take to overcome procrastination

•Recognize that you are procrastinating

Being honest with yourself will help you recognize that you are procrastinating. Find out the reason(s) and try to adjust. If you know the root cause, knowing the solution will equally be simple.

•Find out why you are procrastinating

This is important because it will help you know whether it is you or the task that makes you to procrastinate and from this you can select the best approach.

•Avoid jobs that are unpleasant or boring.

In any case, get them done in the quickest time possible so that you don’t shift your focus on the more enjoyable jobs before you are through with the unpleasant ones.

•Try to be organized

Be organized and try to come up with to do lists with marked schedules to emphasize on how important each task is. This will also help you to meet the time deadlines and avoiding distractions.

•Stop Saying I will do it and Start doing it

If you are ever dying to get some piece of work done but it never gets done because you think of creating some other time for it, then you better change that attitude. Just do it and stop thinking there will be a better time for it.

•Shift your paradigm

“I’ll do it when I find time” Is a common excuse among majority procrastinators. Make that time and don’t wait for another time because won’t find it. There is no free time waiting for you in the future, you only need to shift your paradigm. Think of what you can do in those 25 minutes other than waiting for more time. Better start and you will get it much easier to keep going.

•Make a commitment

Commitment is associated with power. Once you commit to doing a task, the energy required to do it will come and you will overcome procrastination.

•Know your reasons

Getting caught up in a busy routine without a proper reason of why you are doing that task may be another cause. You should know why and how what you are doing is important to you. If you understand the reason behind your action then you will appreciate the value of the task at hand. This will also help you to put more effort considering the contribution this task will add to your life.

•Feeling overwhelmed by task

If you ever doubt your skill or knowledge, you may resort to doing things you know only. Unfortunately, the one you fear isn’t going to go away, face it and do it.

•Avoid mix up and focus on one task at a time.


Sometimes, you may feel too emotionally and physically drained to move your body and so you may end up remaining in this state. Put some effort, jump up and encourage yourself otherwise you may end up not doing anything at all.


Procrastination comes in very many different ways, normally we may lack motivation, feel we have little time, fear of being rejected, getting distracted by TV, emails, Facebook or any other thing and so we end up making excuses. I believe from this discussion, you have learn how to take action and overcome procrastination. For even more info on stopping procrastination and becoming a better entrepreneur click here



Mar 25

It’s Time To Step Out The Box: The Importance Of Multiple Niche Marketing

It’s Time To Step Out The Box: The Importance Of Multiple Niche Marketing

Your new to internet marketing and don’t know much about much except for skateboarding.
You would like to become an expert at internet marketing and create good income in doing so but how much money could you make discussing and promoting products in the skate boarding industry.

Most forums and online marketers would tell you that the money is in the health, wealth, and dating industry but what do you know about this stuff you an expert skate boarder. This leaves you with a big question a question many ask when beginning their online marketing career, should you begin building your career in a niche for passion or for the money?

Truthfully there really isn’t a right a or wrong way to answer this question because there are pros and cons to each. Yea you may enjoy writing about skateboard but how much are you going to earn from it and yea you can earn good money writing and promoting CPA offers in the insurance industry but how fun is that?

In my opinion in order to become a expert marketer you have to be willing and able to step out of your comfort zone, step outside of the box sort of speak. You have to be willing to try new niches. It’s when you begin to step into new niches then you show your true skills.

It’s when you see elaborate dog training blogs full of quality content created by cat lovers or someone giving sound advice on their website about meeting the right person or getting your ex back yet their single.

At times it can be noted as faking and at times it is done by many who are just trying to make a quick buck in a niche where there is money to be made but at times you may find the information to be top quality why, because the internet marketer used one of the top quality of being a good internet marketer or any marketer by that which is research.

Through stepping out of a niche that you know so well, you begin to put all of the marketing tricks and skills you learn to work. You begin to do the ground work needed to compile the data needed in bringing quality content and products that you know would be of good use in the market.

If I was to tell you as a marketer to create some content or market something that you are very passionate about it would be easy for you. You would’ve already had most of the information and data needed to go and begin marketing that project.

If I was to ask you to create content or market a product in a niche where your not familiar it’s then you would have to work. You have to begin researching and collecting data on such things as the age , sex, income of that niche, what are the main concerns of people in that niche, and how your going to help solve issues in it. This is when the challenge comes into play and where you as a new internet marketer begin to mark yourself as an expert.


In conclusion I would say as a new internet marketer it would be good for you to begin in a niche you are most familiar of but I would be a good idea to broaden your horizons in other niches. It’s not about faking it as some might say because you have cross into a niche that you are not familiar of because of the earnings.

It’s only then when you begin to cross over in other niches that you become a true internet marketer and show that you have the skills it take to step out your box and cross over to any market you want. I am not saying to just go after the markets that earns the highest every time but what I’m saying is to step your game up broaden your horizons and don’t be afraid to step out the box. For more information on becoming a better more advance marketer click here