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The Deer In Headlights: How To Write Effective Headlines

The Deer In Headlights: How To Write Effective Headlines

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Writing catchy headings is definitely very important for online marketers and bloggers. The main purpose of a title is to get your audience to read your story and if it is boring, no one will be interested with your posts and you will have no followers. Well written headings are important on many fronts including but not limited to the following:

Grab Search Engine Attention

One of the most important factors that search engines use to rank your page is the words you use in your title. Titles are included in the title tags by most content publishers which will contribute to your page ranking. Other bloggers will use your title to link you and share your page.                                                     [shock_spots id=”368″]

Capture Readers Attention

Anyone surfing the net will definitely click on a title that compels and raises their anticipation to read on. A good title captures enough attention and is a good marketing tool for you. Your posts become an automatic read.

Attract more traffic

Headings create a first impression to your target market. They are an excitement to many and will be widely shared across the social media network and increase your traffic rapidly and tremendously.

Retain Your Subscribers

To maintain a good number of followers all the time, you need to have frequent posts. As mentioned above, your posts will only be read if you have a very good headline. When you adopt the skill of writing captivating headlines, you keep your subscribers very alert and always yearning for more posts.

In view of the above, it goes without saying that learning to write great headings is imperative and here below are great ideas on How to Write Magnetic headings:

Use Very Catchy Words

Your article titles should be very juicy to make your readers crave to read the content. Use of adjectives like Incredible, Amazing, Wonderful and many more – assist in making great titles. However, you should not promise what you cannot offer, ensure your content delivers what the title says

Be Beneficial

Let the title tell the readers what they will gain from reading your post. To say the least, it should teach, guide or provide a certain solution.

Oct 09

The Dynamic Duo: The Major Advantages of Integrating Email Marketing With Blogging

The Dynamic Duo: The Major Advantages of Integrating Email Marketing With Blogging

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It is barely sufficient for bloggers to write quality posts but they must make concerted effort to ensure their target audience finds the posts. You definitely have to inform your audience that you have new content in your blog. Email marketing has to be incorporated into your blogging to ensure you build a successful online marketing business. This means you must use them together to achieve effective results. By doing so, you achieve the following major advantages:

Create Brand Awareness

A simple but powerful email introducing yourself makes your audience aware of your blog. Your target audience will start visiting your blog and eventually subscribe to your emails. Your blog becomes known with little effort and in a very cost effective way.

Keep your Audience Engaged

Your database contains a list of your subscribers or potential clients whom at one point have read your newsletters. To deepen this relationship and keep it burning, it is important to keep sending email newsletters for your current posts. This way, you ensure you are always in the minds of your subscribers and they develop a desire to visit your blog.

Automatic and Timely Sharing of New Posts

Most of your subscribers will forget to regularly check your blog for new posts. Emails ensure that your posts are shared on time in fact, instantly. Your subscribers receive your content as soon as you publish providing an opportunity for instant response. Any subscriber who does not read the content immediately, can easily access the posts later in their inboxes. Without an email, your posts will remain just a blog and will be easily forgotten.

Revive and Share Old Content

Posts that created an impact in your blog should not just be regarded as old. With email marketing, you are able to re-share such posts or any other that you deem fit. You may even revive the post by re -branding making it look new. However, ensure you only share posts with current and relevant information.

Build more Audience

Whenever you send out an email with an awesome post, the likelihood of it being shared is high. One email newsletter may not be read but subsequent email newsletters containing different posts will create interest to the audience prompting for a subscription. This increases the number of visitors to your blog.

Create a Personal Touch

Email makes your business conversation more personalized. It is a direct line of communication with your followers and helps cement your relationship with them. Your subscribers have a reason to trust you having read a number of your newsletters that helped them in one way or the other. They feel attracted to you and your blog.

Track Results

Most email providers will show statistics of who shared your emails and key stats like open rates, click rates and read rates which enable you track the results of your emails. You can then dedicate your campaigns to your key influences.

Blogging and email marketing work wonderfully together to build a successful online marketing business. Take the steps mentioned above and capture the opportunity to increase customer engagement and grow your blog.

Sep 30

How To Find Your Niche Market

How To Find Your Niche Market

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If you have a strong desire to become a successful internet marketer, the first step is to establish the right niche. A niche is a product or service or subject that you are interested in. The target market is the “niche market” which can be explained as a group of people who have similar needs and wants or share a common interest and are looking for a solution to their problem. It is a part of the larger market. As an internet marketer you must learn and master techniques of finding your niche market which is to achieve profitability. The following tips will assist you to find your right niche market.

Make a list of at least 10 niche topics

Come up with topics that interest you. Examine what you like most in life or what you have passion about. It could be about health and fitness, business, designing or anything that you have shown interest in over time. You may also want to consider what products or services you are interested in selling online either directly or through affiliate marketing and create a topic around this. List all of them in order of priority. You can also research on the internet to find out what people are searching for. It could be current news, technology or what those around you are mostly interested in.

Rate the Topics

The internet will assist you to narrow down the topics. It will show you how popular a particular niche is. Google trend is a good tool that will indicate how many times your topic has been entered. For example: Google each topic and see how many results come up for that particular topic.

You may also narrow down your topic to come up with a more specific topic. If you have chosen, weight loss, it is obvious that too many results will show up. Narrow down your topic to: Weight loss and Diet or even further.

Topics that have too many search results mean that competition is very high, whilst topics with fewer results mean that very few people are searching that topic. So it is best to pick out the topic that is about average which will help you come up with a successful niche. You can accomplish this by narrowing down your niche topics.

Pick the niche that you can easily develop good content

After the getting the internet rating, it is important to choose a niche that you are highly knowledgeable about to enable you build relative content. Do not go for a niche that is too hard to come up with continuous content. Your possible subscribers need quality and creative content and if this is not achieved, you will have failed in this niche market.

Alternatively, you may pick out a niche that you are not familiar with but demand is high, carry out proper research to enable you understand it and come up with relevant content. Further, you may hire experienced writers in this niche to create content for you.

Once you have accomplished the above, you start operating your internet business by creating an attractive website or blog. Posting relevant and current topics about this niche will ensure your online business is among the best in terms of traffic which translates to higher returns.

Sep 28

How To Create Time To Blog

How To Create Time To Blog

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When it comes to discussing about how to make time for blogging, there are a few essential aspects that should be taken into consideration. It could be difficult to find sufficient time for blogging as well as reading blogs if you have a busy schedule. Reading blogs is extremely important because that is how you remain updated with the blogging community. It gives you a fair idea of where you need to concentrate in order to get the most out of your blogging experience. Following are some top quality tips and suggestions that will help you to make time for blogging despite having a busy schedule:


Waking up early and going to bed late can do the trick. Waking up half an hour earlier to write a blog or going to bed 30 minutes later to catch up with some popular blogs allows you to stay up to date and have extra time.


Multi-tasking is another way of finding time to blog. If you need to find more time to blog, then try blogging while you wait for the laundry to be done, while on hold with the pharmacy, or in between classes. Make sure to take benefit from such opportunities where you find yourself sitting or standing idle for some time.


Getting a reader App can be an effective way of finding time to blog, especially when you are often on the go. You can actually download Google reader using Google Chrome. After you are finished writing your own blog, you can always have a look at what other bloggers have posted on their blogs. Using these apps will provide you with easier access to the reader, in addition to making it convenient for you to tap in and out without spending too much time.


Another way to find more time to blog is by increasing your typing speed. It will help you blog faster. Enhance your typing skills, try to remember the placement on the keyboard, and see how fast you can type. The faster you can type, the more time you will have to blog.


Avoid putting the pressure on. Never remind yourself when you need to blog. Keep a notepad to note down ideas for blog. When you like those ideas, translate them into words and put them on your blog. You can write 2 to 3 blog posts if you have the inspiration. But, when you put the pressure on yourself to do something, you generally end up doing it horribly. You should only blog when you like to do it, as it will help you produce more.


Finally, you must write on topics that you love writing about. When you run a blog on your favorite topic or subject, you tend to become naturally inclined to writing more about it. The idea is to pick one category at a time, and then write sufficient amount of content about it. With that being said, when you need to make time for blogging, make sure to incorporate these ideas into your daily routine and you will see positive results.

Sep 23

9 Reasons Why You Need An Auto-Responder

9 Reasons Why You Need An Auto-Responder

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Email auto-responders have become very important in online marketing. This marketing tool automatically sends emails to subscribers and prospective customers. A sign up form on your website helps visitors to easily offer their email address and subsequently, they become subscribers to your business messages permanently.


E-mail Delivery

Some Auto-responders have become specialized and designed in such a way that e-mails are not marked as spam but delivered into subscribers inboxes right on time. This means you are very sure that your e-mails are being received by your subscribers. Replies are also be set up easily to provide your subscribers with immediate feedback.


Obtain Results

Email Auto-responders keep track of the number of new subscribers and you also get to know which messages are read by your subscribers. The tool will also let you see the location of the subscribers helping you to identify your markets. With this information, you are able to package your future messages appropriately.


Promote your Brand

When sending out emails, it is common practice to add a business logo, address, tagline or something else that will clearly highlight your business and entrench it in the minds of your potential customers. This helps you promote your brand.


Maintain Contact with Each and Every Subscriber

It is usually a big challenge to keep open communication with each and every single customer or subscriber. The auto-responder ensures that you are regularly in touch with everyone who has subscribed to your mailing list without missing anyone.


 Converts Visitors To Subscribers Immediately

If someone visits your website, it indicates they are interested in your products or services. The best way to communicate with them is through the email. When you offer something of value to them, visitors will easily sign up through the contact form and you have their email address permanently.


Saves Time

It can really take a lot of time to send individual emails to all your subscribers and customers. An Auto-responder helps accomplish this in a short while saving you time for other business developments.


Creates Permanent Relationship with Subscribers

Automated messages help in ensuring continuous communication to your subscribers. Regular communication with them assists in arousing a need and it will be easy to convert them to clients.


Saves Marketing Costs

The Auto-responder sends marketing messages automatically to prospects and clients regularly. This means that you do not need to hire people to do this work, which in turn saves some money for your business.


Gets Your Business Repeat sales

Customers need to constantly hear from their suppliers and need to be reminded to buy from you on a regular basis. Automated selling is the best tool to achieve this.


All the above benefits will assist an online business to grow and survive and it is therefore important to have an Email Auto-responder. Both customers and subscribers will always be updated, feel valued, be delighted and it will be easy to retain them enabling the business to get higher revenues year after year. Building a list and communicating with your subscribers will be the lifeline of your online marketing business. Having a good email auto- responder will be your most important tool in helping you do this.

Apr 30

5 Ways To Have Your Fiverr Gig Easily Recognized

Fiverr is an online and very famous platform that offers various projects to the online freelance community. This site is mainly used by freelancers who provide a wide range of services to their customers at a fee ranging from $5 to $500. Fiverr gigs should impress buyers and ensure that it is very marketable by use of various methodologies. Below are some tips that enable one to get straight to the hearts of the buyers and get as many of them as possible.

Creating your gig is very easy. Just click on the sales button on the top of the bar and then go to the create gig button on the right side. With these quick to use instructions and a responsive user interface, creating your gig become easier. The only piece of cake remaining to be worked on is to make it as interesting as possible so as to make it recognizable by the buyers.


It is important to keep the title short and straight to the point. This ensures that the title is interesting and that it catches the interest of many buyers and anyone who checks on it knows exactly what to expect. The title should also not be very long as it looks all botched up and the buyer might not see any seriousness involved.

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Departmental grouping should be done carefully so as to ensure proper accessibility by the freelancers. The gig should also not be placed in more than one group on Fiverr as this will cause confusion. Proper categorization also shows a high level of organization from the person giving the gig thus making him or her very reliable and thus the task also becomes very attractive to do.


There should be pictures in the gig to ensure that it catches the attention of most individuals on the online freelance community. Images must be in JPEG format, 682 pixels wide by 459 pixels high and they should be more than 2mb each. The images should be something that one can own their copyrights to. That means that they should not be stock images.


Your gigs on Fiverr should be properly described to ensure that any freelancer who takes up the job knows what exactly to expect. This should be done in approximately 200 words. One should not make a mistake of continuously restarting the gig as it offers no information. One should write a list of what the freelancer will get once they order so as to make everything as clear as possible.


It is also a good idea of enhancing one’s expression of what they expect from the gig to be done by any freelancer who takes up the job. This can be done in a better way by including a video in the advertisement. The video should be under 50 MB, it should also be of high quality, it should have a length of over fifteen seconds but below 60 seconds, it must have some form of soundtrack, and also have an “ exclusive on Fiverr” stated either on easy to read text or vocally.
With these properly combines tips, it is clear that your gig will be one of high quality.

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Apr 12

8 Ways To Increase Your Blog’s Alexa Ranking

A good Alexa ranking is very crucial if you want advertisers to seek advertising space in your blog. Alexa ranking determines the popularity of your blog in terms of visitors and this is the reason why people look at your Alexa rank when rating your blog. Alexa is a web information company that rates blogs and websites based on traffic and other factors.

Follow the following tips to increase your Alexa rank:

Register and validate your account with Alexa.

Validating your blog with Alexa is a very important step in order to get good ratings. This is an authentication process that confirms that you are the owner of the blog and other important details. The validation and authentication process makes Alexa have trust in you as the owner of a genuine blog.

Make use of Alexa tool bar.

Alexa tool bar is used to count traffic that pass through your site. Installing Alexa tool bar is the only way to ensure that traffic in your blog is accounted for. You may even ask your blog visitors to install Alexa tool bar and this makes it even better.


Use Alexa widgets.

Alexa widgets indicates the blog’s Alexa ranking and this shows the visitors how popular your blog is. This may encourage the blog visitors to invite other visitors to your blog making it even more popular. Alexa also likes bloggers who use their widgets.

Keep your blog fresh and updated.

Alexa ranking consider the activities of your blog. A blog that is continuously updated and refreshed is an indication of an active blog. An active blog receives a better Alexa ranking so make sure you update your blog on daily basis.

Link your blog with social media.

Make sure that every blog post is shared with the popular social media accounts like Facebook and twitter. Sharing your blog post will make sure that new visitors access your blog and new visitors in your blog means more traffic. Alexa rank is based on traffic and this will automatically increase your ranking.

Comment on other blogs related to yours.

Making comments on other blogs creates a back link for your blog and the more the back links the greater the Alexa ranking. Just make sure that you don’t spam when commenting on other blogs. Make genuine and thoughtful comments and not spam messages.

Submit your blog to directories.

There are good blog directories that can help you increase you Alexa ranking. Simply identify those PR directories and submit your blog to them. Give them a link/url of your blog accompanied by a good description and they will help improve your rankings.

Make sure you submit quality and useful content every time.

Quality and useful content must always get attention from interested people and this will draw a lot of traffic in your blog. Alexa also appreciates bloggers who are always posting quality content. They will definitely notice your blog and increase your Alexa ranking.

Building your blog as an individual and continuously putting hard work on your blog will increase your Alexa rating together with these tips.


Apr 09

How Story Telling Increases Your Income


Story telling is the most effective way of delivering a message. It essentially works to engage, persuade and motivate our potential customers to develop positive attitude towards our product. Storytelling is therefore a very effective way of not only capturing but also keeping our potential customer’s attention. It also engages them, interest them and hence assist us market our goods to them. The following is a description on how storytelling in our content can increase the value of our online marketing efforts.

How storytelling can help your internet marketing business

Enables you to respond to your customer’s needs

To create a successful online marketing campaign around your product, you should listen to and respond to the concerns of your target audience. By being keen, you can best cater to the needs of your clients, and come up with content that drives web traffic to your website and hence improve your sales conversions. Create stories around what is popular at any particular time, and pay attention to the most trending topics in your industry, and you will get the latest news on the web; come up with content topics around the same, and you will be able to respond to your customer’s specific needs.

story telling

Enable you to show your audience the information

To be the best storyteller, you should approach your content in a way that shows your audience the information, as opposed to just telling them. Good Storytelling that is coupled with some visual flair gives your content some visual flair, increasing your readership, besides keeping your audience engaged with the subject at hand. The best way of giving your stories a visual element is to add images to your posts. So, for you to optimize on your storytelling as a way of increasing the value of your online marketing, make sure that your content stands out, and have some form of visual. Note that only 20 % of persons recollect what they read, yet a whopping to 80% recalls what they see.

Enable you to capture the attention of very busy potential clients

Snippet storytelling avails a wonderful way of capturing the attention of very busy-and hence hard to engage-audience since it captures their attention in a very short period of time. To such audience, short and very sweet is crucial. Other longer strategies end up boring and even deterring such potential clients. Snippet storytelling utilizes short video content, usually ranging from 6 – 10 seconds, to tell an engaging story specifically designed to enhance your marketing campaign. By capturing the interests-and hearts-of such very busy individuals, you can generate positive interests in you products. Snippet storytelling enables you to pare down your online marketing objectives and messages to reap maximum benefits by combining storytelling with just a few seconds of video content.


Storytelling is a very powerful way of building strong relationships. It is a simple yet tried and tested tool that essentially draws the attention of potential clients and keeps them engaged. By mastering, and correctly using online marketing storytelling techniques in your content, you will effectively increase the value of your marketing endeavors.


Mar 28

4 Secrets To Writing Eye Catching Headlines

4 Secrets To writing Eye Catching Headlines

Contrary to what many authors and writers think, it is not actually the content, paragraphs or even the pictures that pull the readers in, but the headline itself. However, it’s crucial you find out a number of things that make the headline resonate with your readers. For starters, the following are a number of tips on how to write eye catching headlines

Create a little bit of curiosity

If you bring in a little bit of mystery right into your headlines, you cannot even start to imagine what you can net in the long run. Not only can it make people very curious, but can drive millions and millions of readers into your content. Baiting the reader is one of the most effective ways you can use to make people read your content.

Use numbers in your title

Statistically, with no reason, people are extremely interested with numbers. For instances “5 tips on how to write eye catching headlines” is more popular than “tips on how to write eye catching headlines”. Interestingly, there is no number that has come out to work best. At the end, you really have to spend time to craft a number basing largely on your content.

Clarity is the king

When it comes to creation of eye catching headlines clarity is the heart and soul; it would make a lot of sense if you choose clarity over creativity. For copywriters and creative writes, this might be a hard pill to shallow, but at the end, simplicity always thrives. Your title may not be flashy, but if it is the direct to the point, you would be amazed with the number of readers who would want to read your content.

As if that is not even enough; make it stand out on the page. Your headline should be obvious. To grab attention of the readers, make it attractive and visible. Many at times, it is highly advisable to use readable font and you make it larger than the main content or text.

Use ‘Why’ or ‘How’ to attract your readers attention

The word ‘why’ belongs to call to action headlines. This word does not only pull readers in, but give them a reason to read your content or writing. When creating a more compelling headline, take you time and you find away on how you can fix this word into the title especially towards the beginning. However, choose quality over quantity. It is important. For even more ways of creating eye catching headlines click here


Mar 24

Why Use Email Marketing

Why Use Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to effectively communicate with your reader base, customers, and anyone else that is interested in what you’re selling or offering online or in person. Nearly everyone has an email address nowadays and it is much cheaper than stamp after stamp mailing.

Email marketing is different from social media and other types of modern online advertising because it requires action. What do I mean? For example, let’s suppose a company you like on Facebook posts something. What is the probability you will see that post? What are the chances you frequently go right to their page? Email has one main hotspot: The inbox. Everything goes here until it is otherwise read, deleted, or other action is taken upon it.

But, that is the key: Some sort of action or attention is owed to each message, even if is just to delete it. Facebook posts, tweets, and more are posted and you might not even ever know they existed unless you go looking for it. Email puts the content you like right in front of you. And if it’s a quality marketing campaign, people will be anticipating the emails and anxious to read them for their news, deals, and other information about stuff they like.

Integration is another wonderful aspect about email marketing. Suppose someone buys something online, downloads something, or visits a website. Somewhere on there, there will probably be a text box for your email address. Most people allow for you to then send them emails. You can then turn that one-time customer into a repeat customer. They visit your site one day looking for something. A few weeks later they receive a marketing email from the same company for a related product, or news about their product. They are now involved with your business because you attached email marketing services up to your shopping cart.

My point is this: You can affix email marketing tools to nearly any website and offer nearly anything to build and satisfy an audience. This is how many successful build a long term online business empire

In a recent study by Blue Kangaroo, 70% of those who responded said they have used promotional coupons or other discounts from promotional emails within the last year. This is a huge percentage. If a company is looking to draw attention to certain products, sell an overstock of products, or news about new products, sales are the way to go, and marketing specialists agree with that.

In closing, the most important aspect about why you should utilize email marketing campaigns is accessibility. Many people have smartphones nowadays which are directly connected to their email accounts, and often receive a notification whenever they have one along with a preview of the message. If they look at their phone and see “Save 45% off this weekend only” it will most likely get their attention quickly. People don’t get directly notified when a company they like on Facebook makes a post about new features to their products. That’s why as popular as social media is, email is still used on a more consistent basis for marketing campaigns. Email isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and can exponentially help business, blogs, and other online driven organizations communicate with customers.

Email marketing should be at the top of your list when it comes to building a successful online career. It allows you to keep in constant contact with visitors after they long gone from your site, it allows you to control your traffic even when your budget runs out and by sending out emails regularly it helps to build your business brand. For more info on the importance of email marketing click here