7 Unique Ways To Find Hot Blog Topics

7 Unique Ways To Find Hot Blog Topics

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So, you are a blogger in a particular niche and suddenly you have run out of ideas? You have always given fresh content every day to your subscribers but now you are stuck? Indeed, it is a big challenge to most bloggers to find fresh, relevant and unique topics to write about. However, you do not have to struggle anymore but read on and see 7 great ways to find blog topics for your niche.


Read E-books

As a blogger, you should have a passion for reading books. There are many books available online that can give you great ideas on topics to write about. Sites like Amazon have awesome eBooks that are packed with a lot of information that will assist you in your blogging. You should target reading popular books in your niche and enrich your mind.


Use Social Media Groups

Social media groups like Google Groups or Facebook will give you a host of ideas to write about. These groups that have been formed to bring people with the same interests together are always discussing various topics. Check out on questions being asked and research for answers and make a good topic.


Comment on Other Blogs

It is imperative to always visit top blogs similar to your niche and get ideas on what topics you can write about. Use a different approach to write the topics. Another way is to go through the comments from subscribers and find out what they seek to know or the questions they are asking, answer them briefly, create a topic and link them back to your blog.


Ask your Subscribers

Your readers may need information on a particular topic that you have not covered in your blog. Once in a while, toss that email to your subscribers requesting them if there is a particular topic they need covered or questions they need answered.


Research on the Net

Sites like BuzzSumo is a wonderful tool that will assist you research your blog topics. You only need to type the keyword related to your topic and it will list all the popular topics that have gone viral on the net. You can then use your own words to write the topics. Many other search engines and sites will list popular terms that people are searching for.


Current News and Events

Check out on magazines and read articles related to your niche to get ideas on topics to cover. Reading newspapers will also give you very educative and unique information that you can cover. Check out publications that you can be reading on a regular basis.



If your blog can relate to particular products or services, doing occasional product reviews will provide very importation details that most customers are looking for before making a purchase. Provide all the relevant information that a buyer would need before making the final purchase decision.

Utilize the above tips and you will definitely have a continuous flow of topics to blog about. In return, you will have high traffic and search engines will rate your blog highly leading to increased revenue.