Your Personal Money Tree : How To Monetize A Blog For Passive Income

Your Personal Money Tree : How To Monetize A Blog For Passive Income

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A well maintained and professional blog can be converted into a cash cow but the most difficult part is to figure out how to turn your blog into dollars. Most bloggers endeavor to generate an income using one method especially banner ads which makes their blog look quite littered and they end up earning very little money.

However, there are many other better ways that will transform your blog into real money generating activity:

This article gives you 8 Top Most Blog Monetization Tips:

Membership Programs

This involves creating a blog and providing your subscribers with regular free and high quality content. You then provide a premium package to access more content at a membership fee. Those willing can pay to get the premier package. This is a sure way to get continuous steady income.

Sell Your Own Products

With a good blog that has built a reputation in the market, you are capable of selling your own products to your subscribers. E-books and videos have become more common amongst bloggers, who package them and sell them digitally. This way you will have all the profits to yourself. You can also sell physical products and direct your customers to an online store.

Sell other Peoples Product

If you really do not want to brand your own product for selling, pick some fast moving products from other companies and sell for them at a commission. Promote products that you have used and genuinely loved.  [shock_spots id=”368″]


If you are an expertise in a particular field, selling your services online like web development, blog coaching, or motivational speaking is a great way to make money . Your blog builds a reputation for you and you make money by offering your services either online or offline. However, this may require a lot of work and time than any other method.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is an awesome technique to grow your income tremendously. Add relevant affiliate links to your blog. Through your blog you recommend your audience other products or services and when they buy through your affiliate link, you get paid for