11 Ways To Overcome Procrastination


So you got that big presentation due in 5 days. You are at worked all pump and excited to start preparing for it. You say to yourself the minute I get home I’m going to jump on this right away by start planning and researching.

You get home place those files down and say to yourself you know what I got 4 more days to spare I’ll start at it tomorrow. The next day comes around you do the something. Then the next day until finally you are there the night before the presentation going nuts trying figure out how you going to plan this entire presentation in one night.

You get it done but it’s not your best and you look as if you been drinking all night long because you were up until 5 am trying to finish up your presentation due today. You are so tired that you can barely present your work. Does any of this sound familiar to you?

How often do you get distracted when you want to do something and end up postponing that task for a later period? Or rather, how often do you find yourself putting tasks off to the very last possible minute? Well, this habit is called procrastination. It is a behavior that affects majority of us and can be a major problem in both our personal life and our career.

When you find yourself putting off things that you should be concentrating on right now, frequently in favor of doing things or something you find more enjoyable or more comfortable doing, then you are a victim but probably not the only one. This behavior pattern is normally triggered in many distinct ways but not for the same reason.

Actions you need to take to overcome procrastination

•Recognize that you are procrastinating

Being honest with yourself will help you recognize that you are procrastinating. Find out the reason(s) and try to adjust. If you know the root cause, knowing the solution will equally be simple.

•Find out why you are procrastinating

This is important because it will help you know whether it is you or the task that makes you to procrastinate and from this you can select the best approach.

•Avoid jobs that are unpleasant or boring.

In any case, get them done in the quickest time possible so that you don’t shift your focus on the more enjoyable jobs before you are through with the unpleasant ones.

•Try to be organized

Be organized and try to come up with to do lists with marked schedules to emphasize on how important each task is. This will also help you to meet the time deadlines and avoiding distractions.

•Stop Saying I will do it and Start doing it

If you are ever dying to get some piece of work done but it never gets done because you think of creating some other time for it, then you better change that attitude. Just do it and stop thinking there will be a better time for it.

•Shift your paradigm

“I’ll do it when I find time” Is a common excuse among majority procrastinators. Make that time and don’t wait for another time because won’t find it. There is no free time waiting for you in the future, you only need to shift your paradigm. Think of what you can do in those 25 minutes other than waiting for more time. Better start and you will get it much easier to keep going.

•Make a commitment

Commitment is associated with power. Once you commit to doing a task, the energy required to do it will come and you will overcome procrastination.

•Know your reasons

Getting caught up in a busy routine without a proper reason of why you are doing that task may be another cause. You should know why and how what you are doing is important to you. If you understand the reason behind your action then you will appreciate the value of the task at hand. This will also help you to put more effort considering the contribution this task will add to your life.

•Feeling overwhelmed by task

If you ever doubt your skill or knowledge, you may resort to doing things you know only. Unfortunately, the one you fear isn’t going to go away, face it and do it.

•Avoid mix up and focus on one task at a time.


Sometimes, you may feel too emotionally and physically drained to move your body and so you may end up remaining in this state. Put some effort, jump up and encourage yourself otherwise you may end up not doing anything at all.


Procrastination comes in very many different ways, normally we may lack motivation, feel we have little time, fear of being rejected, getting distracted by TV, emails, Facebook or any other thing and so we end up making excuses. I believe from this discussion, you have learn how to take action and overcome procrastination. For even more info on stopping procrastination and becoming a better entrepreneur click here