4 Secrets To Writing Eye Catching Headlines

4 Secrets To writing Eye Catching Headlines

Contrary to what many authors and writers think, it is not actually the content, paragraphs or even the pictures that pull the readers in, but the headline itself. However, it’s crucial you find out a number of things that make the headline resonate with your readers. For starters, the following are a number of tips on how to write eye catching headlines

Create a little bit of curiosity

If you bring in a little bit of mystery right into your headlines, you cannot even start to imagine what you can net in the long run. Not only can it make people very curious, but can drive millions and millions of readers into your content. Baiting the reader is one of the most effective ways you can use to make people read your content.

Use numbers in your title

Statistically, with no reason, people are extremely interested with numbers. For instances “5 tips on how to write eye catching headlines” is more popular than “tips on how to write eye catching headlines”. Interestingly, there is no number that has come out to work best. At the end, you really have to spend time to craft a number basing largely on your content.

Clarity is the king

When it comes to creation of eye catching headlines clarity is the heart and soul; it would make a lot of sense if you choose clarity over creativity. For copywriters and creative writes, this might be a hard pill to shallow, but at the end, simplicity always thrives. Your title may not be flashy, but if it is the direct to the point, you would be amazed with the number of readers who would want to read your content.

As if that is not even enough; make it stand out on the page. Your headline should be obvious. To grab attention of the readers, make it attractive and visible. Many at times, it is highly advisable to use readable font and you make it larger than the main content or text.

Use ‘Why’ or ‘How’ to attract your readers attention

The word ‘why’ belongs to call to action headlines. This word does not only pull readers in, but give them a reason to read your content or writing. When creating a more compelling headline, take you time and you find away on how you can fix this word into the title especially towards the beginning. However, choose quality over quantity. It is important. For even more ways of creating eye catching headlines click here