The Dynamic Duo: The Major Advantages of Integrating Email Marketing With Blogging

The Dynamic Duo: The Major Advantages of Integrating Email Marketing With Blogging

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It is barely sufficient for bloggers to write quality posts but they must make concerted effort to ensure their target audience finds the posts. You definitely have to inform your audience that you have new content in your blog. Email marketing has to be incorporated into your blogging to ensure you build a successful online marketing business. This means you must use them together to achieve effective results. By doing so, you achieve the following major advantages:

Create Brand Awareness

A simple but powerful email introducing yourself makes your audience aware of your blog. Your target audience will start visiting your blog and eventually subscribe to your emails. Your blog becomes known with little effort and in a very cost effective way.

Keep your Audience Engaged

Your database contains a list of your subscribers or potential clients whom at one point have read your newsletters. To deepen this relationship and keep it burning, it is important to keep sending email newsletters for your current posts. This way, you ensure you are always in the minds of your subscribers and they develop a desire to visit your blog.

Automatic and Timely Sharing of New Posts

Most of your subscribers will forget to regularly check your blog for new posts. Emails ensure that your posts are shared on time in fact, instantly. Your subscribers receive your content as soon as you publish providing an opportunity for instant response. Any subscriber who does not read the content immediately, can easily access the posts later in their inboxes. Without an email, your posts will remain just a blog and will be easily forgotten.

Revive and Share Old Content

Posts that created an impact in your blog should not just be regarded as old. With email marketing, you are able to re-share such posts or any other that you deem fit. You may even revive the post by re -branding making it look new. However, ensure you only share posts with current and relevant information.

Build more Audience

Whenever you send out an email with an awesome post, the likelihood of it being shared is high. One email newsletter may not be read but subsequent email newsletters containing different posts will create interest to the audience prompting for a subscription. This increases the number of visitors to your blog.

Create a Personal Touch

Email makes your business conversation more personalized. It is a direct line of communication with your followers and helps cement your relationship with them. Your subscribers have a reason to trust you having read a number of your newsletters that helped them in one way or the other. They feel attracted to you and your blog.

Track Results

Most email providers will show statistics of who shared your emails and key stats like open rates, click rates and read rates which enable you track the results of your emails. You can then dedicate your campaigns to your key influences.

Blogging and email marketing work wonderfully together to build a successful online marketing business. Take the steps mentioned above and capture the opportunity to increase customer engagement and grow your blog.