5 Ways To Have Your Fiverr Gig Easily Recognized

Fiverr is an online and very famous platform that offers various projects to the online freelance community. This site is mainly used by freelancers who provide a wide range of services to their customers at a fee ranging from $5 to $500. Fiverr gigs should impress buyers and ensure that it is very marketable by use of various methodologies. Below are some tips that enable one to get straight to the hearts of the buyers and get as many of them as possible.

Creating your gig is very easy. Just click on the sales button on the top of the bar and then go to the create gig button on the right side. With these quick to use instructions and a responsive user interface, creating your gig become easier. The only piece of cake remaining to be worked on is to make it as interesting as possible so as to make it recognizable by the buyers.


It is important to keep the title short and straight to the point. This ensures that the title is interesting and that it catches the interest of many buyers and anyone who checks on it knows exactly what to expect. The title should also not be very long as it looks all botched up and the buyer might not see any seriousness involved.

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Departmental grouping should be done carefully so as to ensure proper accessibility by the freelancers. The gig should also not be placed in more than one group on Fiverr as this will cause confusion. Proper categorization also shows a high level of organization from the person giving the gig thus making him or her very reliable and thus the task also becomes very attractive to do.


There should be pictures in the gig to ensure that it catches the attention of most individuals on the online freelance community. Images must be in JPEG format, 682 pixels wide by 459 pixels high and they should be more than 2mb each. The images should be something that one can own their copyrights to. That means that they should not be stock images.


Your gigs on Fiverr should be properly described to ensure that any freelancer who takes up the job knows what exactly to expect. This should be done in approximately 200 words. One should not make a mistake of continuously restarting the gig as it offers no information. One should write a list of what the freelancer will get once they order so as to make everything as clear as possible.


It is also a good idea of enhancing one’s expression of what they expect from the gig to be done by any freelancer who takes up the job. This can be done in a better way by including a video in the advertisement. The video should be under 50 MB, it should also be of high quality, it should have a length of over fifteen seconds but below 60 seconds, it must have some form of soundtrack, and also have an “ exclusive on Fiverr” stated either on easy to read text or vocally.
With these properly combines tips, it is clear that your gig will be one of high quality.

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