How To Earn $5 Out Of 50 Cents

How To Earn $5 Out Of 50 Cents

I was online reading through a few news articles today and I came across something really interesting but yet humorous. Did you know the pee from a maned wolf smells like marijuana? Yes there is a wolf whose piss smells like pot and one day police were searching through a dutch zoo trying to find pot smokers but all they were really smelling was wolf piss. Bet they howl for a minute when they found this out.

Enough pissing around (get it ) ,there something else that I want to share with you which is very interesting as well but a little less humorous ( well it could have you laughing to the bank). Did you know that you can earn up 5 bucks for every person that opt in to your squeeze page?

There are programs where marketers pay anywhere from 50 cent to 2 dollars and 50 cents per lead which are called Pay Per Lead or otherwise known as PPL. Ppl is a very simple concept. You send visitors to the ppl vendors squeeze page and each time a person opts in you get paid for it. Pretty simple right?

The information given by these vendors can be very useful to you as well. Some give away resources or ebooks, while others may give you software for submitting your email address to them. Before sending visitors to the ppl opt in pages I would opt in to the pages myself to see what the vendors have to offer your visitors to assure that your visitors are receiving quality information.

Ppl can be a great way of paying for your advertising budget or creating an easy stream of passive income for yourself. To me it’s a win win situation your visitor get quality information or software free from you while get paid.

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