8 Ways To Increase Your Blog’s Alexa Ranking

A good Alexa ranking is very crucial if you want advertisers to seek advertising space in your blog. Alexa ranking determines the popularity of your blog in terms of visitors and this is the reason why people look at your Alexa rank when rating your blog. Alexa is a web information company that rates blogs and websites based on traffic and other factors.

Follow the following tips to increase your Alexa rank:

Register and validate your account with Alexa.

Validating your blog with Alexa is a very important step in order to get good ratings. This is an authentication process that confirms that you are the owner of the blog and other important details. The validation and authentication process makes Alexa have trust in you as the owner of a genuine blog.

Make use of Alexa tool bar.

Alexa tool bar is used to count traffic that pass through your site. Installing Alexa tool bar is the only way to ensure that traffic in your blog is accounted for. You may even ask your blog visitors to install Alexa tool bar and this makes it even better.


Use Alexa widgets.

Alexa widgets indicates the blog’s Alexa ranking and this shows the visitors how popular your blog is. This may encourage the blog visitors to invite other visitors to your blog making it even more popular. Alexa also likes bloggers who use their widgets.

Keep your blog fresh and updated.

Alexa ranking consider the activities of your blog. A blog that is continuously updated and refreshed is an indication of an active blog. An active blog receives a better Alexa ranking so make sure you update your blog on daily basis.

Link your blog with social media.

Make sure that every blog post is shared with the popular social media accounts like Facebook and twitter. Sharing your blog post will make sure that new visitors access your blog and new visitors in your blog means more traffic. Alexa rank is based on traffic and this will automatically increase your ranking.

Comment on other blogs related to yours.

Making comments on other blogs creates a back link for your blog and the more the back links the greater the Alexa ranking. Just make sure that you don’t spam when commenting on other blogs. Make genuine and thoughtful comments and not spam messages.

Submit your blog to directories.

There are good blog directories that can help you increase you Alexa ranking. Simply identify those PR directories and submit your blog to them. Give them a link/url of your blog accompanied by a good description and they will help improve your rankings.

Make sure you submit quality and useful content every time.

Quality and useful content must always get attention from interested people and this will draw a lot of traffic in your blog. Alexa also appreciates bloggers who are always posting quality content. They will definitely notice your blog and increase your Alexa ranking.

Building your blog as an individual and continuously putting hard work on your blog will increase your Alexa rating together with these tips.