How Story Telling Increases Your Income


Story telling is the most effective way of delivering a message. It essentially works to engage, persuade and motivate our potential customers to develop positive attitude towards our product. Storytelling is therefore a very effective way of not only capturing but also keeping our potential customer’s attention. It also engages them, interest them and hence assist us market our goods to them. The following is a description on how storytelling in our content can increase the value of our online marketing efforts.

How storytelling can help your internet marketing business

Enables you to respond to your customer’s needs

To create a successful online marketing campaign around your product, you should listen to and respond to the concerns of your target audience. By being keen, you can best cater to the needs of your clients, and come up with content that drives web traffic to your website and hence improve your sales conversions. Create stories around what is popular at any particular time, and pay attention to the most trending topics in your industry, and you will get the latest news on the web; come up with content topics around the same, and you will be able to respond to your customer’s specific needs.

story telling

Enable you to show your audience the information

To be the best storyteller, you should approach your content in a way that shows your audience the information, as opposed to just telling them. Good Storytelling that is coupled with some visual flair gives your content some visual flair, increasing your readership, besides keeping your audience engaged with the subject at hand. The best way of giving your stories a visual element is to add images to your posts. So, for you to optimize on your storytelling as a way of increasing the value of your online marketing, make sure that your content stands out, and have some form of visual. Note that only 20 % of persons recollect what they read, yet a whopping to 80% recalls what they see.

Enable you to capture the attention of very busy potential clients

Snippet storytelling avails a wonderful way of capturing the attention of very busy-and hence hard to engage-audience since it captures their attention in a very short period of time. To such audience, short and very sweet is crucial. Other longer strategies end up boring and even deterring such potential clients. Snippet storytelling utilizes short video content, usually ranging from 6 – 10 seconds, to tell an engaging story specifically designed to enhance your marketing campaign. By capturing the interests-and hearts-of such very busy individuals, you can generate positive interests in you products. Snippet storytelling enables you to pare down your online marketing objectives and messages to reap maximum benefits by combining storytelling with just a few seconds of video content.


Storytelling is a very powerful way of building strong relationships. It is a simple yet tried and tested tool that essentially draws the attention of potential clients and keeps them engaged. By mastering, and correctly using online marketing storytelling techniques in your content, you will effectively increase the value of your marketing endeavors.