What Motivates You To Become A Successful Online Marketer?

What Motivates You To Become A Successful Online Marketer?

So your scrolling through the how to make money or the I want to be a successful internet marketer blogs websites and forums right. Your taking notes researching reading hours upon hours at a time. It seems like your not even blinking, like your dead on glued to your computer screen like a deer steering into the headlights of a Mack truck in the middle of no where.

Through all this studying and hours of research you ever just sit back and wonder what motivates you
to do what your doing? Whats your drive behind the hours of endless research, the long nights watching video to a course you just bought, testing putting in the work needed to see the results you so desperately want. Whats your motivation whats your drive?

There are plenty of reasons a lot of you might say can motivate you to become a successful internet marketer but there are three main ones that motivates myself and many of others;

Better job and job security

I want you to think back to that one job that made you say to yourself , this cant be it for me. You ever had one of those? Ever had a job where when the alarm went off your chest hurt and wish it was a day off, shoot for a matter of fact you wish everyday was a day off? I sure had my share of those. This can be one of the greatest motivation to be a successful internet marketer more than anything.

The thought of you not having to deal with getting up 3 o’clock in the morning to get ready for work only get off late evening daily, the thought of not having to deal with ass hole supervisors who constantly breathing down your neck and back stabbing co workers who would do anything for the attention of management. Yea I know you know exactly what I am talking about 🙂

Most of all for me it’s the thought of knowing I don’t have to depend on a job to make it, that I have something that I can fall back on and not have to wonder if I loose my job today or tomorrow what would happen to me or my family. The thought that I could be a successful internet marketer and not have to worry about this give me the drive to keep pushing even when it may be hard at times or seems like its not working to keep on going knowing that if others made I can to.

More for family

Another reason what drives you to be successful is to be able to do more for your family. It would be nice if you could afford to take your family on that big vacation you always talk about. That seven day cruise to various islands or that trip to Disney world you been promising the kids and enjoying yourself not having to worry about being able to afford it.

Being able to create memories with your family from now and years to come can be a major motivation to be successful and a good reason to keep pushing. Even when you have those days where you don’t feel like doing absolutely nothing or looking at a computer screen, having these thoughts come to you creates a drive in you that says you know what I got to do this and you begin to not only do it but you do it with a smile.

Debt Free

Student loans , credit card bills mortgage all piling up on you but you have more bills than you have income coming in. It gets to a point where you can only pay bare minimum on your credit cards loan and partially on your mortgage and at the rate your going you will be in debt forever. Or it can be where your credit is bad you want to get a home but not able to because you not able to clear your debt.

Instead of backing down you begin to set a goal to become debt free and do so using internet marketing to help you. Knowing that you have a goal in mind that you have something you want to accomplish like purchasing a new home or just being completely debt free is a goal that drive many to become successful internet marketers. Just the thought that if you keep pushing at it. 6 months or a year from now you can be debt free or you can be able to get that new car or new home you want is a strong drive get you going.


These are just a few of the major things in life that I have notice can drive a person to become a successful online. I feel everyone has it in them to become successful you just need to find that push that drive to get you going. No matter if its a goal to become debt free, a better lifestyle or more time freedom. Whenever you feel like you cant do it or you want to give up just close your eyes for a second think about your goal and how it would be once it’s fulfill, take a deep breath, then get yourself going. Oh and don’t forget to smile :). For more information on becoming a successful online click here.