Why Many Dont Make It Online?

Why Many Dont Make It Online?

I read a article a while back which was interesting to me. In this article it said that only 8% of those who try to succeed in creating income online will make it. I mean there saying not just that you won’t succeed in earning a six figure or more income that many dream about, they saying that 92% of the people who try will not make over $100.

This was so interesting to me because with all the ways you can make money on the internet why would 92% of those that tried not make over $100? Through researching numerous forums and blogs I have found some of the main reason why most people don’t create the income they looking for online.

Shiny Object Syndrome

With some many distractions and ways you can earn money online many people fall victim to a trap or some might say a disease where you continue chase after everything you see which you think can make you a quick buck. You see the “ Make $4,000 a month with facebook” or the “200 per day with Google”. You go from one course after the next. If that course isn’t working fast enough you head over to the next then on to the next, never sticking to anything long enough to learn and master it before jumping on to something new.

This is what mean by the shiny object syndrome. Any new course or product that looks over hype we jump on it hoping that it would be the thing that saves us from the never ending cycle we have develop, the hole that we continue to dig our self in.

To fix this we simply need to stop chasing new thing start and stick with the basics. Pick the avenue of which you would like to earn income online master it and see results before moving on to anything. For example, if you would like to earn income from cpa marketing stick with it master it. Don’t work with that then hop over to “ making money with niche sites”.

Laziness – Looking for magic button

Laziness has to be a major issue with many who look to earn income online. Many hear the stories of others making hundreds of thousands even millions a year online but don’t understand the hard work and many hours that are put into researching testing, and working to get to that point. They think it has to be easy if they doing it. When they actually see the work that has to be put in to achieve this goal they bail out and quit before they even reach it.

There are others that fall for the magic button hype thinking they can buy software that they can just push a button and money will just automatically come running into their bank account. With this mentality you will never get anywhere. You have to realize that there is no such thing as a push button business.

To make it the income you want to make you have to set goals and work hard it. You have to put in the time to do the research you need to do to learn the skill and most importantly you have to be ready to take action. No action no income!

Lack of focus and discipline

This is a big one when it comes to building a successful online business. With a online business you are your own boss. Depending on the type of person you are this can be a good or bad thing. For many it turns out to be not so good because of one reason. Lack of focus and discipline. With so many distractions at your fingertips such as ebay, facebook and emails, it becomes a heavy task for many to stay focus on their main objections.

It can become very tough at times especially when the work your doing may seem boring and repetitive but this is where focus and discipline has to kicks in. You have to always remember the main reasons as to why you are doing what you doing in the first place, what are your main goals you trying to reach.

Best advice is to look over these goals daily read them put them somewhere near by. Set a time frame that you are going to work in and be discipline enough to stick to this time frame. Before you begin to work look over your goals to keep them fresh in your mind the reason why you are putting in this work, close out all distractions emails, close out all those favorite website you so like to scroll through and begin to work at your goals.


Learning to conquer these main issues I know the number of people building and creating long term income online would increase drastically. It all starts with you. You got to ask yourself what you will gain from doing this and begin to cut out all the distractions that may cause you to fail, stay focus and discipline, stop chasing after the every new thing, be ready to work and always ready to take action. For more information on creating income online click here.