Why Use Email Marketing

Why Use Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to effectively communicate with your reader base, customers, and anyone else that is interested in what you’re selling or offering online or in person. Nearly everyone has an email address nowadays and it is much cheaper than stamp after stamp mailing.

Email marketing is different from social media and other types of modern online advertising because it requires action. What do I mean? For example, let’s suppose a company you like on Facebook posts something. What is the probability you will see that post? What are the chances you frequently go right to their page? Email has one main hotspot: The inbox. Everything goes here until it is otherwise read, deleted, or other action is taken upon it.

But, that is the key: Some sort of action or attention is owed to each message, even if is just to delete it. Facebook posts, tweets, and more are posted and you might not even ever know they existed unless you go looking for it. Email puts the content you like right in front of you. And if it’s a quality marketing campaign, people will be anticipating the emails and anxious to read them for their news, deals, and other information about stuff they like.

Integration is another wonderful aspect about email marketing. Suppose someone buys something online, downloads something, or visits a website. Somewhere on there, there will probably be a text box for your email address. Most people allow for you to then send them emails. You can then turn that one-time customer into a repeat customer. They visit your site one day looking for something. A few weeks later they receive a marketing email from the same company for a related product, or news about their product. They are now involved with your business because you attached email marketing services up to your shopping cart.

My point is this: You can affix email marketing tools to nearly any website and offer nearly anything to build and satisfy an audience. This is how many successful build a long term online business empire

In a recent study by Blue Kangaroo, 70% of those who responded said they have used promotional coupons or other discounts from promotional emails within the last year. This is a huge percentage. If a company is looking to draw attention to certain products, sell an overstock of products, or news about new products, sales are the way to go, and marketing specialists agree with that.

In closing, the most important aspect about why you should utilize email marketing campaigns is accessibility. Many people have smartphones nowadays which are directly connected to their email accounts, and often receive a notification whenever they have one along with a preview of the message. If they look at their phone and see “Save 45% off this weekend only” it will most likely get their attention quickly. People don’t get directly notified when a company they like on Facebook makes a post about new features to their products. That’s why as popular as social media is, email is still used on a more consistent basis for marketing campaigns. Email isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and can exponentially help business, blogs, and other online driven organizations communicate with customers.

Email marketing should be at the top of your list when it comes to building a successful online career. It allows you to keep in constant contact with visitors after they long gone from your site, it allows you to control your traffic even when your budget runs out and by sending out emails regularly it helps to build your business brand. For more info on the importance of email marketing click here