Sep 02

Motion Leads Review

Motion Leads Review


motion leads


What Is Motion Leads

Motion leads is a software that creates very professional
animated landing pages for you in the matter of minutes.
Your landing page looks more like a video to your visitor than
a regular landing page in that way it helps you create attractive
high converting landing pages that gets more attention and lures
in a ton of visitors.

The Key Features & Benefits of Motion Leads

– It comes with a number of background images, templates and
texts for creating your animated landing pages

– you can easily ad your own touch to it by importing your
own images and music.

– its mobile friendly meaning your landing pages will play on
mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones.

– its self hosted meaning you can load motion leads on your
to your own server and host it yourself if you wanted to.

– it works with any auto responder by just simply copying your
auto responder’s html code into the landing page

– it has a countdown timer option which displays a countdown timer
onto your landing page. This feature has proven over and over
to increase conversions.

– it allows you to split test and track to see which landing pages
are converting the best

– You can use this software on as many sites as you want.

Cons of Motion Leads

Motion leads is jammed packed with a ton of features so
it will take a bit of a learning curve to begin getting
the software to work for you the way that you want, but once
you pass this, creating high professional animated landing
pages will become a breeze.


If your looking for a way to increase your opt in conversions
and create professional looking landing pages, this could be very
well what you are looking for and more. Motion leads can
put you a step above by creating animated landing pages
which can attract more visitors to your landing pages.


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Aug 30

Squeeze Funnels Review

Squeeze Funnels Review

squeeze funnels

What is squeeze Funnel

Squeeze funnel is a revolutionary software that makes creating to
web pages easier than ever. It allows you to build your list alot faster
and make more sales in the process.

What are the key benefits

  • It helps you to create tons of different pages quickly eg your squeeze page landing, jv pages all can be done using this software.
  • They have pages which are proven to have a epc of $10 meaning for every click on their page they were able to earn 10 bucks.
  • They done almost 400k using these templates.
  • They have no montly fees right now but there can be a monthly fee
    later on.
  • The software is simple to use it drag and drop feature.
  • Everything is hosted on their server you dont have to host


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What are the cons

  • It’s drag and drop and not much changes you can do for the templates.
  • Its a learning curve when you first start usng it. You need to go through the tutorials.
  • if you are someone who like host your own stuff this can be a pain the fact that you can host it yourself.


I think its good product if you want to create pages that have been proven to work quickly. although it does have a few flaws such as the learning curve and hosting issue it can be use to create high epc pages for you meaning more sales.

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May 18

Affiliate Income Secrets Review

affiliate income secrets pic 2







Do you want to earn money online? Well, one proven way to get profit from the Internet is through affiliate marketing. In case you haven’t heard of it, affiliate marketing is selling other people’s product online; you usually get a percentage of the earnings on a per-sale basis.

What is Affiliate Income Secrets?
Affiliate Income secrets is a marketing system created by an ex-English teacher named Mike Thomas, who has been working full time on teaching people how to make money online. The system teaches you how to earn money through affiliate marketing; it teaches you how to make money without needing to have your own product and how to do it with so much success. Also, it also claims that, through the system’s blueprint, you can earn up to $277 a day, which is very promising. If you have been looking for a comprehensive guide to earn more money online, then this is for you.

Perks You’ll Get from Affiliate Income Secrets

Even though affiliate marketing courses are not totally new to the Internet Marketing world, there are things that make Affiliate Income Secrets that make it stand out from the rest of its kind:

1. Video Lessons. Don’t you hate it when you have to read tons of eBooks just to learn how to do something? Well, the mentioned system can take care of that. Its lessons and methodologies are presented in videos, which give you that one-on-one coaching experience. It also makes the whole system easy to understand.

2. Quick and Easy Implementation. The good thing about Affiliate Income System is that you don’t have to wait for weeks just to get started. Majority of lessons in the package can be implemented right away. As a matter of fact, you can even start earning tomorrow with it.

3. Practical Lessons. Most internet marketing courses are all about theories that are not guaranteed to work. The system will teach you things that have been tried and tested in the real world. The author will even show you real-life examples that you can use as reference and inspiration.

4. Free Live Training. Purchasing a copy of the system entitles your for free live webinar where the author will share even more secrets.

affiliate income secrets pic


What Might Turn You Off

There are certain things about the system that can make you back up for a bit. First off, if you are an experienced marketer, strategies that by its materials may not be new to you; they can serve as a good refresher though. Another Issue you might find is there are about 3 upsells before you get to the main product. This can be a bit annoying. You can just simply click “no thanks” to each of them if you are not interested.


Affiliate Income Secrets is a must-have to those who want to jumpstart their way into internet marketing success. Even though the info product has its flaws, they are easily outweighed by the amount of potential profit you can get out of it.

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May 13

IntelliPlayer Review

IntelliPlayer Review


Videos are fast becoming a thing when it comes to Internet marketing – it is not surprising that programs like IntelliPlayer are making a big hit among marketers. The system is specially designed to optimize YouTube videos and turn them into powerful marketing machines with little effort on your part.

How it Works

Although it is perfectly possible to embed YouTube videos to your website, the fact is that you cannot really optimize these videos for Internet marketing purposes. IntelliPlayer solves this particular problem by making it possible for you to use any video in YouTube, embed it in your website, and load it with numerous features that turn that simple video into a marketing machine. The system works by adding clickable call to actions on any video, directing your viewers to target sites and slowly building your email marketing lists.

Product Features

IntelliPlayer comes with a wide array of features, each one designed to grab the viewer’s attention and makes it easy for them to register. Following are just some of the functions added into the set:

• Buy buttons
• Call to action
• Tap to call
• Works on all devices including mobile phones and tablets
• Comes with list building options
• Collect phone numbers for SMS messaging
• Tap to Skype
• Tap to email
• WordPress Smart Deployment, allowing you to convert pre-embedded videos into IntelliPlayer
• Size customization for videos
• Create custom buttons
• Program comes with a public page just in case you want to boost your viewership with each video

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Product Pros and Cons

• Incredibly easy to use, IntelliPlayer is comprehensive yet features a simple layout that offers quick customization with a touch of a button
• With the ability to work with different platforms, you will never have to worry that your videos will not be viewed by a particular market
• Automated number and email collection means that you can add up to your list without too much work
• You can create customized buttons and display them on the video, including “Buy” button that takes your viewers directly to the sales page
• No need to use your own videos – the IntelliPlayer works even if the YouTube video is not hosted in your account
• The product comes with a money back guarantee spanning 60 days. If you are not happy with the results, just contact the creators within 60 days of purchase and you will get your money back free and clear.
• Another great thing about this product is that it is a one-time purchase. This translates to ZERO monthly fees, allowing you to use the program as much as you want once it is paid for.

The only con of this product is that not all features are available in one package. There are actually three packages: Ultimate, Growth, and Starter. Depending on the features you need, it is best to check each of them out before making your decision.

What This Means for You

To wrap up this IntelliPlayer Review, you will find that this system is comprehensive, covering all bases and more that you did not really expect. If your business relies largely on video marketing, then IntelliPlayer could be your best program choice, giving you the chance to concentrate on other aspects with the guarantee of marketing results. Click here to grab your copy of IntelliPlayer and thanks for reading my IntelliPlayer Review.

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May 06

Quality Click Control Review

Quality Click Control Review


When it comes to Click tracking, rotating and conversion tracking, Quick Quality Control (QCC) is the number one tracking/rotating solution available on Internet market today. QCC has been an industrial leader for years with simple,stunning and smart features that allows you to see how your sales funnel and website traffic is going. It also enable you to start and stop the traffic at the specific date and time.
Over the years, company has added many new features which helped to bring the stat to the next level and now became the largest click tracking software company in the industry. QCC is the first to develop GEO targeting which has blown up and allowed marketers to target specific countries.

Product Description:

Quality Click Control is a all around Click tracking marketing solution which permits you to monitor or manage all of your advertising campaigns. It put you in a position to shorten all of your hyperlinks, allows you to find additional ways to run a split test on your campaigns, and view gross sales conversions.
The Software also comes with a Geo targeting feature, which allows you to target specific countries and send traffic from top tier countries only. Multiple link rotation mode is provided for random split testing,slip over and many more. The Affiliated URL can be made shorter and prettier using a Link Cloaking tool. Moreover, Software also enables users to create multiple accounts for your staff to be able to access and restrict each of them to only certain capabilities.

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Key Features:

QCC is specifically designed with unidirectional objective to stop losing money on your marketing campaign and leverage your traffic to get maximized profits. QCC has been constantly adding new features to enhance the functionality.

Key features associated with QCC are:

1) GEO Targeting:

It is a game changing feature for all traffic providers which helps to limit to just top tier countries that see your links and direct the rest to another URL.

2) Link Locking:

This feature allow users to protect your link through encrypted password and post a message on the password page.

3) Funnel Depth:

Funnel depth provides you the complete scenario of where your traffic is going. It also helps to see all possible disconnects.

4) Link Monitoring:

Link monitoring helps to monitor link up time, blacklist and notifies you immediately.

5) SAAS Model:

The software have jumped to a Saas model which serves to control the server environment and use specific modules a shared server environment.

6) All devices:

QCC can work with all smart phone platforms without being stuck to a desktop computer in an office.


1) Link Cloaking to make affiliated link short and pretty
2) Full depth overview of traffic with accurate forecasting
3) Multiple logins to configure each persons capabilities
4) Advanced bot protection to identify fake traffic
5) Mobile traffic redirection to mobile ready URL
6) Easily duplicating of any link or rotators campaign


1) The Software doesn’t work with windows XP so if yours still working with a older windows like xp you won’t be able to use the software.
2) Cookies will deleted if someone clicks on rotators link again so they have to be reset again to go on same links again.
3) With the many features available in QCC it may take a bit of a learning curve to get everything set up and going.


Overall, Quality Click control is one stop shop complete solution package for click trafficking and rotating with wide range of newly featured programs which makes it one of the best choice to analyze multiple levels of traffic tracking. Click here to get Quality Click Control tracking solution and thank you for read my Quality Click Control Review.

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May 05

How To Easily Find Your Target Audience On Facebook

Insight Hero Review

insight hero logo




If you haven’t gotten any success with facebook marketing then you haven’t been getting enough data about your target audience. So, how do you get more audience data from the popular social media site? This is where Insight Hero comes in. It is a market research tool that assist you in finding out who your potential clients are, what are the things that tickle their interest and things that it will take to persuade them into buying something so you can create and promote your products and services accordingly. While it is primarily made for facebook advertising newbies, it can also be useful for experienced marketers. The ground-breaking tool is created by Ross Carrel, a successful internet marketer, out of frustration.


What Makes Insight Hero Stand Out From Other Marketing Tools

Insight hero is one of a kind. It gives you access to data facebook has been hiding from you all along, a feature that no other tool can provide. And if you are a newbie to marketing research tools like this one, you won’t have anything to worry about since the tool is designed in a way that’s easy to understand. Its key features include:

1. Demographic Options. Lets you target your research campaign on a specific part of the globe to help you make your ads niche specific and increase conversion rate.

2. Keyword Tool. Insight hero comes with a keyword research tool that allows you to find out the keywords your potential clients have been using with their search queries. You can later include these keywords in your ads to help increase audience reach.

3. Niche Filtering Tool. You will sometimes be faced with overwhelming keyword results. To help you out with your choices, its niche filtering tool can narrow down results to low-hanging, high-converting, cheap keywords you can use so you can publish ads that attract paying customers without spending too much.

4. Ad Creation Tool. After doing your research with the Insight Hero, you can easily create ads with just a few clicks. The tool comes with an Audience Builder section that shows a little summary that every little Joe can understand.

insight hero testimonials

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Every tool has its own limitations. Now, if there’s anything bad about this tool is that it doesn’t give you a long-term-effectiveness guarantee. Just like Google, Facebook changes certain features on their site every now and then. It may be possible for the popular site to block market information after a few years or so. Depending on how often the creators up date the software it could become obsolete in the future. Therefore, depending on this tool as a long-term marketing asset is not recommended but in any circumstance it is good marketing practice to have more than one ways for obtaining traffic and data.


Despite its long term limitation, Insight Hero can help you with your current marketing campaigns. With its ground-breaking features, it can give you an unfair advantage over competitors. Even other Insight Hero Review pages have can attest to its effectiveness. This tool is a must-have for this era’s online marketers. Click here to get to Insight Hero. Thank you for reading my Insight Hero Review.

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Apr 30

5 Ways To Have Your Fiverr Gig Easily Recognized

Fiverr is an online and very famous platform that offers various projects to the online freelance community. This site is mainly used by freelancers who provide a wide range of services to their customers at a fee ranging from $5 to $500. Fiverr gigs should impress buyers and ensure that it is very marketable by use of various methodologies. Below are some tips that enable one to get straight to the hearts of the buyers and get as many of them as possible.

Creating your gig is very easy. Just click on the sales button on the top of the bar and then go to the create gig button on the right side. With these quick to use instructions and a responsive user interface, creating your gig become easier. The only piece of cake remaining to be worked on is to make it as interesting as possible so as to make it recognizable by the buyers.


It is important to keep the title short and straight to the point. This ensures that the title is interesting and that it catches the interest of many buyers and anyone who checks on it knows exactly what to expect. The title should also not be very long as it looks all botched up and the buyer might not see any seriousness involved.

girl at computer


Departmental grouping should be done carefully so as to ensure proper accessibility by the freelancers. The gig should also not be placed in more than one group on Fiverr as this will cause confusion. Proper categorization also shows a high level of organization from the person giving the gig thus making him or her very reliable and thus the task also becomes very attractive to do.


There should be pictures in the gig to ensure that it catches the attention of most individuals on the online freelance community. Images must be in JPEG format, 682 pixels wide by 459 pixels high and they should be more than 2mb each. The images should be something that one can own their copyrights to. That means that they should not be stock images.


Your gigs on Fiverr should be properly described to ensure that any freelancer who takes up the job knows what exactly to expect. This should be done in approximately 200 words. One should not make a mistake of continuously restarting the gig as it offers no information. One should write a list of what the freelancer will get once they order so as to make everything as clear as possible.


It is also a good idea of enhancing one’s expression of what they expect from the gig to be done by any freelancer who takes up the job. This can be done in a better way by including a video in the advertisement. The video should be under 50 MB, it should also be of high quality, it should have a length of over fifteen seconds but below 60 seconds, it must have some form of soundtrack, and also have an “ exclusive on Fiverr” stated either on easy to read text or vocally.
With these properly combines tips, it is clear that your gig will be one of high quality.

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Apr 23

You Can Build It And They Will Come

Authority Blogging Breakthrough Review



Let’s take it back a bit to a time when technology was not such a big part of our lives. Your in a place where your not really familiar with. You stop by a near by gas station to get directions from a attendant there. The attendant gives you direction, your on your way but some how you still get lost. You find yourself stopping to a another station for more directions.

Fast forward to today. You punch in your destination in your gps. Your gps then takes you where you need to be the quickest and safest route possible for you . You are there in no time. If you have been trying to create a website or a blog for some time now “Authority Blogging Breakthrough” can very well be that gps guide to get you where you need to be.

Authority Blogging Breakthrough is a step by step guide created by Internet Marketer Bryan Harkins that is designed to help anyone ( mainly newbies) looking to build a website or blog and create income from it. I was able to go through the guide and here is what I found from doing so:

Positives of Authority Blogging Breakthrough

This is a complete a to zinc guide meaning it covers everything you need to set up your very own blog.
I starts off by talking about the mindset needed to be a successful blogger and ways to stay focused to have a successful blog. I have seen many “how to” and “step by step” guides on how to do different tactics but I haven’t seen much that first talks about the mindset needed before you begin which to me is the most important thing.

Authority Blogging Breakthrough goes on to give you a complete overview of the system, how to pick your niche , how to write your content, straight into how to set up your site.

What I really like about the guide is it’s very detailed. Bryan doesn’t leave anything out in explaining how to put together your blog meaning he explains where to get your domain, how to set up on your hosting account, what blogging platform to use. He even gives a theme to use when creating your blog. Nothing is left out.

If that wasn’t enough he goes into detail on ways to monetize the blog to create a stream of income from it. Can you imagine being able to earn over $100 or more per day by just blogging, Authority Blogging Breakthrough shows you how you can. Ok so you have your blog up and running set up monetize ready to get new readers headed your way but there is one problem. How are your going to get traffic? Bryan even got that covered. He shows you a way to get targeted traffic coming to your site almost instantly for free and get this without Google’s help!


Negative Of Authority Blogging Breakthrough

Ok so like I said Authority Blogging Breakthrough is a very detail guide and there are a few steps needed to take in getting your blog up and going the way it needs to be. With that being said this guide is very detail but a bit long. If your use to reading the 40 or even 50 page guides and thought they were to long then be ready for a even bigger surprise with this guide.

If you are a person that’s use to learning through videos this may also be a problem. The guide is in pdf format only meaning there is no videos to follow from. Although there are many pictures and everything is easy to follow through step by step of the way, there is no video recordings.

If you are looking for seo tips on ranking your blog this guide may not be so helping in doing so. Although it shares a little insight on how you can set your blog up to be found by Google, the traffic method it shares is not Google related.



So you have been interested in creating and earning a income from your own blog but didn’t know how to go about doing so, Authority Blogging Breakthrough can very well be the key that unlocks your blogging needs. With a detail step by step guide to walk you through every step of the way from, mindset to niche selection, to content creation, blog set, even down to traffic generation. Authority Blogging Breakthrough is the one stop shop. Earning a income blogging a few hours a week may have been just a dream to you until now. Although the guide is very long one, if you follow the steps that Bryan has laid out in it, your dreams can very well become a reality.

Click here to check out their page and thanks for reading my Authority Blogging Breakthrough Review.

Apr 13

4 Reasons Why You Should Be Branding Yourself

Every business owner knows the importance of branding their business by picking a name customers remember and with offering services or products people will keep coming back. Branding your business is certainly important and necessary, but branding yourself is even more important. No matter what niche you’re involved in, you probably have competitors. What makes you different than your competition? Well, that’s what personal branding is all about, letting your customers know exactly what makes you different, and better than the rest.

Reaching Out

In the age of Google searches and instant information, branding yourself is now more essential than ever. People don’t want to invest in the company, they want to invest in the person. Through branding yourself, you will be able to speak directly to potential customers or investors without even saying a word. Your own personal branding is the image you build for yourself that’s presented to the public eye, namely with sites such as Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+…just to name a few. Creating a unique, consistent and trustworthy presence, both online and offline, you will be able to attract an indefinite number of prospective customers to your business.

Building Trust

Personal branding helps build trust between you and your customers through a constant stream of communication and connections. By communicating your unique set of values, goals, and expertise in your field you will begin to attract more attention to your business and customers will reach out to you more because you have established a personal connecting. Engaging with your customers in a relevant and meaningful way is a constant reminder of why they choose to do business with you. Personal branding equals customer loyalty.

guy in suit

Become an Expert, Make More Money

Another reason why personal branding is so important is because it raises the value of your business. Once you have established your personal brand through many days, months, even years of hard work, you will become known as an expert in your field. Gaining expert status means having the privilege of raising your current rates and/or prices. This increase in income will not only help to fatten your pockets, it will make the value of your business itself skyrocket. It’s simple supply and demand. There is only one of you (supply), and if everybody wants what you alone are offering (demand), your earning potential suddenly becomes nearly limitless.

Let Yourself Shine

Building a successful personal brand is probably the most effective way of standing out from your competition. When customers have the choice between you and 100 other companies, your personal brand is what makes them choose you instead of someone else from the sea of choices. Get more customers by letting them know what makes you different. Communicate your personal values, ideas, opinions, and beliefs that relate to your business, and you will be giving your customers a reason to do business with you.

Personal branding is not a sprint, but a marathon. It takes times, effort, and skills to be successful to build the brand you want. However, it is absolutely essential to start building a personal brand for your business if you haven’t started already. Build a website, a blog, start tweeting, sharing, posting and reaching out to your customers so they know why you’re better than the rest.

Apr 12

8 Ways To Increase Your Blog’s Alexa Ranking

A good Alexa ranking is very crucial if you want advertisers to seek advertising space in your blog. Alexa ranking determines the popularity of your blog in terms of visitors and this is the reason why people look at your Alexa rank when rating your blog. Alexa is a web information company that rates blogs and websites based on traffic and other factors.

Follow the following tips to increase your Alexa rank:

Register and validate your account with Alexa.

Validating your blog with Alexa is a very important step in order to get good ratings. This is an authentication process that confirms that you are the owner of the blog and other important details. The validation and authentication process makes Alexa have trust in you as the owner of a genuine blog.

Make use of Alexa tool bar.

Alexa tool bar is used to count traffic that pass through your site. Installing Alexa tool bar is the only way to ensure that traffic in your blog is accounted for. You may even ask your blog visitors to install Alexa tool bar and this makes it even better.


Use Alexa widgets.

Alexa widgets indicates the blog’s Alexa ranking and this shows the visitors how popular your blog is. This may encourage the blog visitors to invite other visitors to your blog making it even more popular. Alexa also likes bloggers who use their widgets.

Keep your blog fresh and updated.

Alexa ranking consider the activities of your blog. A blog that is continuously updated and refreshed is an indication of an active blog. An active blog receives a better Alexa ranking so make sure you update your blog on daily basis.

Link your blog with social media.

Make sure that every blog post is shared with the popular social media accounts like Facebook and twitter. Sharing your blog post will make sure that new visitors access your blog and new visitors in your blog means more traffic. Alexa rank is based on traffic and this will automatically increase your ranking.

Comment on other blogs related to yours.

Making comments on other blogs creates a back link for your blog and the more the back links the greater the Alexa ranking. Just make sure that you don’t spam when commenting on other blogs. Make genuine and thoughtful comments and not spam messages.

Submit your blog to directories.

There are good blog directories that can help you increase you Alexa ranking. Simply identify those PR directories and submit your blog to them. Give them a link/url of your blog accompanied by a good description and they will help improve your rankings.

Make sure you submit quality and useful content every time.

Quality and useful content must always get attention from interested people and this will draw a lot of traffic in your blog. Alexa also appreciates bloggers who are always posting quality content. They will definitely notice your blog and increase your Alexa ranking.

Building your blog as an individual and continuously putting hard work on your blog will increase your Alexa rating together with these tips.