Feb 16

Buyers Vs Freebie Seekers

Buyers Vs Freebie Seekers In The Online Marketing World

Sam’s club is a store which I would often frequent when I want to purchase items I know I am going to use a lot in bulk eg. Toothpaste and soap. Sam’s Club is also known for having a number of vendors which allow you to taste test their food in hopes that you may become a buyer.

In a regular visit to Sam’s club I would notice that there are different types of people that would visit the store. There are the ones that have the carts full with essential and while doing so may even take up an offer on a taste test. Then I notice that there are some customers with no shopping carts who come to the store just to taste test. They never buy the product but they frequent the store to test it sometimes more than once in a day.

We have these very same types of customers in the IM world especially when it pertains to email marketing. We call them Buyers and Freebie seekers. Buyer are those that see something they like or they may have tested it liked it then purchased while freebie seekers are those which take a longer time to buy or have no intentions on ever buying. They just keep testing and looking for the next free good.

Everyone loves a buyer, why you may ask, because a buyer is there to spend money. The buyer has shown that their ready to purchase once they know that you are providing genuine help to them. As long as you keep providing quality content and products a buyer will continue to buy.

A freebie seeker on the other hand may take a little more time to purchase a item from you or they may never buy. Some often just take a longer time to purchase from you because they want to first see how good a quality your free stuff are before they decide to buy while other just want everything for free.

Even though you may not want to believe it, a freebie seeker can be beneficial to you as a marketer in a number of ways. For example a freebie seeker can help form you into a better email marketer. Like I said some freebie just take longer to buy than ready buyers. It takes a little more time to get them to open up that wallet to you which can be for numerous reason such as they scared to loose money or they been burned before. This means you as a marketer must step up your game up and get your subscribers more active.

Ways you can do this is sending out surveys to your list finding out where your subscibers need the most help. This can be beneficial to both of you because it shows your subscibers you care and it helps you know exactly the areas you need to focus on when communicating and offering products to your list.

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Another way what can be helpful in turning freebie seekers into buyers is testing different headlines and formats to see what gets your subscibers going. Also try to be entertaining to your list by telling jokes or maybe a story or two. Your list will loose interest if you are just rumbling on all the time and they will forever be freebie seekers.

Now there are cases where you can do everything but the fact of the matter is that some freebie seekers will just continue to be just freebie seekers, seeking the next free report software or anything for free they can get their hands on. They can be usefull to you as a marketer as well. You can use these subscribers to build your list using adswaps.

Adswap is done when one email marketer sends out a email from another email marketer to their list. They may agree on a certain amount of clicks or leads. Once the agreed term is done the other email marketer then does the same. This can be good because it offers a chance for freebie seekers to get more free goods from other marketers and it offer you a chance to get more subscibers which you now have the opportunity to turn into buyers.

After a subscibers has join your list for a period of time and showed himself to be a freebie seeker you can place them into a certain list to be used for adswap which shows to be a win win for you the email marketer and the freebie seeker 🙂

In conclusion I would like to say that everyone loves a buyer yes but also take a look at some of the good freebie seeker can do for you as well. Take a look at yourself to see if it is something you as a marketer is not doing right or if the subscibers simply not a buyer and you decide where you will go from there.

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Feb 16

How To Earn $5 Out Of 50 Cents

How To Earn $5 Out Of 50 Cents

I was online reading through a few news articles today and I came across something really interesting but yet humorous. Did you know the pee from a maned wolf smells like marijuana? Yes there is a wolf whose piss smells like pot and one day police were searching through a dutch zoo trying to find pot smokers but all they were really smelling was wolf piss. Bet they howl for a minute when they found this out.

Enough pissing around (get it ) ,there something else that I want to share with you which is very interesting as well but a little less humorous ( well it could have you laughing to the bank). Did you know that you can earn up 5 bucks for every person that opt in to your squeeze page?

There are programs where marketers pay anywhere from 50 cent to 2 dollars and 50 cents per lead which are called Pay Per Lead or otherwise known as PPL. Ppl is a very simple concept. You send visitors to the ppl vendors squeeze page and each time a person opts in you get paid for it. Pretty simple right?

The information given by these vendors can be very useful to you as well. Some give away resources or ebooks, while others may give you software for submitting your email address to them. Before sending visitors to the ppl opt in pages I would opt in to the pages myself to see what the vendors have to offer your visitors to assure that your visitors are receiving quality information.

Ppl can be a great way of paying for your advertising budget or creating an easy stream of passive income for yourself. To me it’s a win win situation your visitor get quality information or software free from you while get paid.

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Feb 07

Facebook Fortune Formula Review

Facebook Fortune Formula Review

While filming the movie Rocky IV, Sylvester Stallone ask Doplh Lundgren to try to knock him out for real. Lundgren hit Stallone so hard that he not only knocked him out but sent him to the hospital where he was in ICU for 9 days. Wow what a dosey.

Talk about knock outs, Matt Bacak just released a new product called Facebook Fortune Formula that is creating a major buzz in the industry. It may not send to the ICU for 9 days but it is said to increase your traffic by up to 300% which means more eyes to your online business.

Matt has been around for while. He has built several multi-million dollar companies and spoke to many events around the world helping thousands of entrepreneurs just like you grow their business and achieve great things so it’s no surprise that when he came out with Facebook Fortune Formula that it caught the eyes of many in the industry.

Facebook Fortune Formula comes in a 1hour and 57 video in which Matt goes into his personal facebook account and shows you exactly what he does to create this huge traffic flow and sales. It also comes in a mp3 and pdf format so you have choices in the way you take in this gold mine of information.

With Facebook Fortune Formula has other benefits such as:

– How to promote a Facebook post and why you want to.

– How to leverage influential people in your market to find your target audience

– How to use “tease and “invites” to get more eyeballs on your message

– Matt’s 1-2-3 system for separating quality from quantity when targeting your audience

– and whole lot more…



If your looking for a way to increase your brand, grab more eyes to your facebook page, grab a lot more traffic and most of all make more sales, Facebook Fortune Formula might be just the one for you. Watch over one of the best in the game as he shows you step-by-step how he does it. Lundgren your competition using the techniques taught in Facebook Fortune Formula. Click here and see for yourself and thanks for reading my Facebook Fortune Formula Review.

Feb 05

Lee Murray’s From The Top Review

From The Top Review

Living the american dream, coming from the absolute bottom fighting your way to the top until you can finally say I made it! Sounds like a story like straight out of the movies right. No my friend this isn’t no hollywood film this is a real life story of a man name Lee Murray who was once homeless to sleeping in motels traveling to the public library to build his online business to making close to six figure income which he exaplains exactly how he did so in his ebook called “ From the top”

From the top is a step by step ebook in which Lee Murray exaplains in every single detail what he would do if he had to start over again to where he is now. Although lengthy ( over 100 pages) from the top leaves no stone unturn, no blind spots as to where to go or what to do now. He lays out everything from setting up his auto responder to creating first product all on a very minimal budget.




If you are serious about building a long term successful online business from the top is a must have for you. The ebook shows exactly how a guy who was homeless and didnt even own a computer was able to overcome obsticles and begin create a the online business you dream about. He lays out everything he did and would do if he had to start over. If he can do why can’t you? Everything is laid out no stone unturn all you have to do is take it from the top.  Click here to see for yourself. Thanks for reading my From The Top Review.