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Authority Blogging Breakthrough Review



Let’s take it back a bit to a time when technology was not such a big part of our lives. Your in a place where your not really familiar with. You stop by a near by gas station to get directions from a attendant there. The attendant gives you direction, your on your way but some how you still get lost. You find yourself stopping to a another station for more directions.

Fast forward to today. You punch in your destination in your gps. Your gps then takes you where you need to be the quickest and safest route possible for you . You are there in no time. If you have been trying to create a website or a blog for some time now “Authority Blogging Breakthrough” can very well be that gps guide to get you where you need to be.

Authority Blogging Breakthrough is a step by step guide created by Internet Marketer Bryan Harkins that is designed to help anyone ( mainly newbies) looking to build a website or blog and create income from it. I was able to go through the guide and here is what I found from doing so:

Positives of Authority Blogging Breakthrough

This is a complete a to zinc guide meaning it covers everything you need to set up your very own blog.
I starts off by talking about the mindset needed to be a successful blogger and ways to stay focused to have a successful blog. I have seen many “how to” and “step by step” guides on how to do different tactics but I haven’t seen much that first talks about the mindset needed before you begin which to me is the most important thing.

Authority Blogging Breakthrough goes on to give you a complete overview of the system, how to pick your niche , how to write your content, straight into how to set up your site.

What I really like about the guide is it’s very detailed. Bryan doesn’t leave anything out in explaining how to put together your blog meaning he explains where to get your domain, how to set up on your hosting account, what blogging platform to use. He even gives a theme to use when creating your blog. Nothing is left out.

If that wasn’t enough he goes into detail on ways to monetize the blog to create a stream of income from it. Can you imagine being able to earn over $100 or more per day by just blogging, Authority Blogging Breakthrough shows you how you can. Ok so you have your blog up and running set up monetize ready to get new readers headed your way but there is one problem. How are your going to get traffic? Bryan even got that covered. He shows you a way to get targeted traffic coming to your site almost instantly for free and get this without Google’s help!


Negative Of Authority Blogging Breakthrough

Ok so like I said Authority Blogging Breakthrough is a very detail guide and there are a few steps needed to take in getting your blog up and going the way it needs to be. With that being said this guide is very detail but a bit long. If your use to reading the 40 or even 50 page guides and thought they were to long then be ready for a even bigger surprise with this guide.

If you are a person that’s use to learning through videos this may also be a problem. The guide is in pdf format only meaning there is no videos to follow from. Although there are many pictures and everything is easy to follow through step by step of the way, there is no video recordings.

If you are looking for seo tips on ranking your blog this guide may not be so helping in doing so. Although it shares a little insight on how you can set your blog up to be found by Google, the traffic method it shares is not Google related.



So you have been interested in creating and earning a income from your own blog but didn’t know how to go about doing so, Authority Blogging Breakthrough can very well be the key that unlocks your blogging needs. With a detail step by step guide to walk you through every step of the way from, mindset to niche selection, to content creation, blog set, even down to traffic generation. Authority Blogging Breakthrough is the one stop shop. Earning a income blogging a few hours a week may have been just a dream to you until now. Although the guide is very long one, if you follow the steps that Bryan has laid out in it, your dreams can very well become a reality.

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