Clickbank Domination Review

Clickbank Domination Review

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Clickbank Domination is a affiliate marketing course created by 3 marketers Kash Khullar, Sudesh Gamage, and Alex Langidis. What these guys did was came up with a to market clickbank products using Microsoft Bing platform. They have been very successful in creating  passive income using the methods and they show exactly how they do it in Clickbank Domination.

Key Benefits:

  • They show you everything step by step from find profitable clickbank products to setting up your Bing ads
  • You can start a campaign with less than 10 bucks
  • It only takes about 20 minutes to set up your campaign
  • You don’t need a website to profit using this method
  • You can scale this method

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Great course with clear understanding of what to do but I wish it was in video format as well as pdf.


Clickbank Domination is a great course to use to begin earning passive income using Bing ads and Clickbank. With tons of great products in Clickbank you will never run out of products to promote. The course also shows you how to scale up your campaigns creating even more income. Clickbank Domination is a step by step guide. You just read through the steps and begin to take action.

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