Lee Murray’s From The Top Review

From The Top Review

Living the american dream, coming from the absolute bottom fighting your way to the top until you can finally say I made it! Sounds like a story like straight out of the movies right. No my friend this isn’t no hollywood film this is a real life story of a man name Lee Murray who was once homeless to sleeping in motels traveling to the public library to build his online business to making close to six figure income which he exaplains exactly how he did so in his ebook called “ From the top”

From the top is a step by step ebook in which Lee Murray exaplains in every single detail what he would do if he had to start over again to where he is now. Although lengthy ( over 100 pages) from the top leaves no stone unturn, no blind spots as to where to go or what to do now. He lays out everything from setting up his auto responder to creating first product all on a very minimal budget.




If you are serious about building a long term successful online business from the top is a must have for you. The ebook shows exactly how a guy who was homeless and didnt even own a computer was able to overcome obsticles and begin create a the online business you dream about. He lays out everything he did and would do if he had to start over. If he can do why can’t you? Everything is laid out no stone unturn all you have to do is take it from the top.  Click here to see for yourself. Thanks for reading my From The Top Review.