InstaViral Review

InstaViral Review







InstaViral is a web based software that gets you instant amount of
traffic from viral images. It’s an quick and easy way to create viral images
and place them on to the top social media sites.

Key Benefits:

– It gives you the option to share one image at a time or bulk image share.

– It tells you in the dashboard how many images you shared on each
social media site.

– You can click on image link you created and see how many traction
your image is bringing

– You create your own images or you can upload you picture and edit
it within the platform

– You create a picture place the link you want send traffic to then

– You can send to multiple social media sites at a time.


InstaViral can be a great way of getting free traffic by using images to take advantage of social media. By creating attractive images and  sending them out to the social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter using InstaViral Platform, you can create a avalanche of free traffic to whatever you would like to at anytime you want.

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