IntelliPlayer Review

IntelliPlayer Review


Videos are fast becoming a thing when it comes to Internet marketing – it is not surprising that programs like IntelliPlayer are making a big hit among marketers. The system is specially designed to optimize YouTube videos and turn them into powerful marketing machines with little effort on your part.

How it Works

Although it is perfectly possible to embed YouTube videos to your website, the fact is that you cannot really optimize these videos for Internet marketing purposes. IntelliPlayer solves this particular problem by making it possible for you to use any video in YouTube, embed it in your website, and load it with numerous features that turn that simple video into a marketing machine. The system works by adding clickable call to actions on any video, directing your viewers to target sites and slowly building your email marketing lists.

Product Features

IntelliPlayer comes with a wide array of features, each one designed to grab the viewer’s attention and makes it easy for them to register. Following are just some of the functions added into the set:

• Buy buttons
• Call to action
• Tap to call
• Works on all devices including mobile phones and tablets
• Comes with list building options
• Collect phone numbers for SMS messaging
• Tap to Skype
• Tap to email
• WordPress Smart Deployment, allowing you to convert pre-embedded videos into IntelliPlayer
• Size customization for videos
• Create custom buttons
• Program comes with a public page just in case you want to boost your viewership with each video

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Product Pros and Cons

• Incredibly easy to use, IntelliPlayer is comprehensive yet features a simple layout that offers quick customization with a touch of a button
• With the ability to work with different platforms, you will never have to worry that your videos will not be viewed by a particular market
• Automated number and email collection means that you can add up to your list without too much work
• You can create customized buttons and display them on the video, including “Buy” button that takes your viewers directly to the sales page
• No need to use your own videos – the IntelliPlayer works even if the YouTube video is not hosted in your account
• The product comes with a money back guarantee spanning 60 days. If you are not happy with the results, just contact the creators within 60 days of purchase and you will get your money back free and clear.
• Another great thing about this product is that it is a one-time purchase. This translates to ZERO monthly fees, allowing you to use the program as much as you want once it is paid for.

The only con of this product is that not all features are available in one package. There are actually three packages: Ultimate, Growth, and Starter. Depending on the features you need, it is best to check each of them out before making your decision.

What This Means for You

To wrap up this IntelliPlayer Review, you will find that this system is comprehensive, covering all bases and more that you did not really expect. If your business relies largely on video marketing, then IntelliPlayer could be your best program choice, giving you the chance to concentrate on other aspects with the guarantee of marketing results. Click here to grab your copy of IntelliPlayer and thanks for reading my IntelliPlayer Review.

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