Maxima Player Review

Maxima Player Review

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Maxima ad player is a plugin develop by Sam Bakker that allows
you to monetize your videos on your website. The plugin
allows you to ad a new way of earning income from your blog or
website by placing google ads or your own ads onto the videos
that you have uploaded to your site.

Key Benefits:

– You can monetize unlimited videos on your site

– You can use google ads to earn everytime someone clicks

– You can upload your own video ads over your videos

– You can set your skip time

– Depending on the license you have you can place videos ads
over videos on a unlimited number of sites

– You can load video ads on clients sites allowing you to make
money doing this.

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It can be a bit confusing whne you first start and it is highly
recommend that you go through all the training videos before
you begin placing these ads on your videos.


Maxima Player is a great plugin for anyone wanting to monetize
their website or blog even more by placing video ads on their
videos. You can place google ads or you can even place your own ads.
Although it may be a bit confusing at first Maxima Ad player can
be a great way to create that extra income you have been looking
for. You just need to go through each video carefully before starting.

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