P1 Targeting App Review

P1 Targeting App Review

P1 Targeting App is a app created by Peter Garet that allows you to get easy organic traffic in all top search engines and also Facebook. Majority of the tools uses google keyword tool.
Google doesnt reveal every keyword that is ranking but the P1
allows you to find keywords from not only google but it generates
keyword from other sources like Bing Facebook and yahoo.

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Key Benefits

– It gives you a profitability score see how hard a keyword is to rank

– You can find keywords that your competition is ranking for
and how hard it would be to rank for those very same keyword

– You can also take all the keywords competition is ranking for and
place them into your keyword campaign

– It isn’t a tool you have to download and it works really quick

– It allows you to show multiple keywords for multiple ideas

– You can filter out bad keywords out

– It will show you the information for each keyword in google

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The P1 Targeting App is a great tool finding profitable keywords
in creating content for your website or paid ad campaigns. The
tool allows you to find those untapped keywords that google
does not show and allows you to rank in other major search engines
like Bing and even Facebook.

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