Quality Click Control Review

Quality Click Control Review


When it comes to Click tracking, rotating and conversion tracking, Quick Quality Control (QCC) is the number one tracking/rotating solution available on Internet market today. QCC has been an industrial leader for years with simple,stunning and smart features that allows you to see how your sales funnel and website traffic is going. It also enable you to start and stop the traffic at the specific date and time.
Over the years, company has added many new features which helped to bring the stat to the next level and now became the largest click tracking software company in the industry. QCC is the first to develop GEO targeting which has blown up and allowed marketers to target specific countries.

Product Description:

Quality Click Control is a all around Click tracking marketing solution which permits you to monitor or manage all of your advertising campaigns. It put you in a position to shorten all of your hyperlinks, allows you to find additional ways to run a split test on your campaigns, and view gross sales conversions.
The Software also comes with a Geo targeting feature, which allows you to target specific countries and send traffic from top tier countries only. Multiple link rotation mode is provided for random split testing,slip over and many more. The Affiliated URL can be made shorter and prettier using a Link Cloaking tool. Moreover, Software also enables users to create multiple accounts for your staff to be able to access and restrict each of them to only certain capabilities.

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Key Features:

QCC is specifically designed with unidirectional objective to stop losing money on your marketing campaign and leverage your traffic to get maximized profits. QCC has been constantly adding new features to enhance the functionality.

Key features associated with QCC are:

1) GEO Targeting:

It is a game changing feature for all traffic providers which helps to limit to just top tier countries that see your links and direct the rest to another URL.

2) Link Locking:

This feature allow users to protect your link through encrypted password and post a message on the password page.

3) Funnel Depth:

Funnel depth provides you the complete scenario of where your traffic is going. It also helps to see all possible disconnects.

4) Link Monitoring:

Link monitoring helps to monitor link up time, blacklist and notifies you immediately.

5) SAAS Model:

The software have jumped to a Saas model which serves to control the server environment and use specific modules a shared server environment.

6) All devices:

QCC can work with all smart phone platforms without being stuck to a desktop computer in an office.


1) Link Cloaking to make affiliated link short and pretty
2) Full depth overview of traffic with accurate forecasting
3) Multiple logins to configure each persons capabilities
4) Advanced bot protection to identify fake traffic
5) Mobile traffic redirection to mobile ready URL
6) Easily duplicating of any link or rotators campaign


1) The Software doesn’t work with windows XP so if yours still working with a older windows like xp you won’t be able to use the software.
2) Cookies will deleted if someone clicks on rotators link again so they have to be reset again to go on same links again.
3) With the many features available in QCC it may take a bit of a learning curve to get everything set up and going.


Overall, Quality Click control is one stop shop complete solution package for click trafficking and rotating with wide range of newly featured programs which makes it one of the best choice to analyze multiple levels of traffic tracking. Click here to get Quality Click Control tracking solution and thank you for read my Quality Click Control Review.

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