Repwarn Review

Repwarn Review

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Repwarn is a web monitor that saves you the agony of knowing about people`s opinion of your products. It does the job of monitoring any mention of your company`s keywords, phrases anytime anyone posts a review of your product or even when one posts an angry tweet about your product. Repwarn will help you keep a close eye on your products, brands, your people and also your competitors hence will let you know what the people`s opinion on you hence gives you the opportunity to aim at delivering better services that will keep them satisfied.

Key factors and benefits of Repwarn:


– Gives instant alerts

Repwarn gives instant updates on any phrase, brand names, keywords and products directly to your email via your Android app or IOS device.

– It regularly scans the website

Repwarn scans the website in intervals of as low as 5 minutes hence making you among the first persons to see when somebody posts a review of your product or business.

– It acts as your daily monitor

Repwarn acts as your monitor both day and night.

– It acts as your lead generation tool

Repwarn enables you get the links of those people searching online for your product or service. This will help you get into the conversation straight and try to get your voice heard by the client.

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What are the cons of Repwarn

-It may attracts responses that are not genuine

Even if you have a response that may not be genuine of truthful about your product, Repwarn will send a alert meaning keeping track of every single thing that customers and viewers may say about your product can be a daunting task

-.It is time consuming

It requires the business to assign someone the task of responding to customer complains which could be very tedious and time consuming since many responses is expected regardless of the time; whether day or night since Repwarn gives you alerts without any limits.


If your looking for a service that does 24/7 monitoring of your business repwarn can be the choice for you. With instant alerts of feedback on your products this can give you great insight as to what customers are saying about your products.

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