Rich Jerk Review

 Rich Jerk Review









The Rich Jerk program is a program created by Kelly Felix which
teaches you the most up to dat internet marketing techniques for
creating income online. The Rich Jerk is a crazy character
created by Kelly to grab it’s viewers attention and has done
very well in doing so from the success of the first Rich Jerk
program back in 2005.


– Teaches you the techniques for creating income that are working today

– Shows you actual case studies of what was done to create income.

– Shows you some of his SEO strategies that are still working today
with all the changes being made on google.

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The sales page may seem a bit offensive to you. The Rich Jerk character
drops alot of F bombs on it.


The Rich Jerk program is a proven course that has help many of
today’s internet marketers become multi millionaires in the internet
marketing industry. Although the new version gives you totally new
strategies for creating income online, alot of internet marketers
are still making a ton of income from what was taught in the first

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