Viral Retargeter Review

Viral Retargeter Review

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Viral retargeter is a software or tool designed to market products on Facebook by creating avalanche of free traffic. It’s a plugin design to create a continuous flow of targeted visitors. How it works is its lets you place viral images across facebook and when visitors click on those images they can be send to wherever you want them to eg. Products, blog landing page etc.

Key factors and benefits of this product

– It’s a way of creating a massive amount of free traffic

– It allows you to get large amount of exposure on facebook by simply using  images.

– You can design and edit the facebook images to your liking

– It allows you to re-target your customers that click on your images meaning you  can present even more   ads to them without them even knowing it.


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Disadvantages of the product

There is no cost to the immediate traffic that you get from the clicks on the images but there is a cost for the re-targeting ads. Although it may be a relatively small charge still it’s not free.


Viral retargeter can be a good way of using facebook to get free traffic to your websites and offers. By creating images and posting them into groups you may be able to find yourself with a ton of targeted visitors.

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