WP Central Hub 2.0 Review

WP Central Hub 2.0 Review

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WP Central Hub 2.0 is a WordPress plugin which allows the user to access as well as manage all his/her sites in a quick, convenient and easy fashion from a single computer screen.

WP Central Hub 2.0 is the perfect plugin for SEO experts, affiliate marketers, online busines owners, site flippers, web developers, offline consultants, etc. It allows any and all of these people to manage a number of WordPress websites.

It normally takes quite some time to keep logging in to each and every one of the WordPress. It is also quite time consuming to upload themes and plugins, update to a newer version of WordPress and change all the settings. WP Central Hub 2.0 assists in doing all these things, making your work a lot easier.

What are the key factors and benefits of this product?

  • You can install, updating and deleting of plugins and themes over numerous sites
  • Adding, modifying and deleting of users and links and settings
  • You can Creation of pages and posts for any site using this plugin
  • The plugin has a spin content editor built into it so you can spin and place content on your websites/
  • There are no monthly fees. There is a one time fee and the fee depends on how many sites you will be using with the plugin
  • This plugin also comes with a free lifetime updates


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What are the cons of this product?

If you have one site you won’t see the need for this plugin as it is more geared towards managing a number of sites.


WP Central Hub 2.0 is an exceptional WordPress plugin that makes managing multiple WordPress sites easier. If this is exactly the kind of thing you do on a regular basis, WP Central Hub 2.0 plugin can be a good choice for you.

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