WP Scope Review

WP Scope review

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WP Scope is a plugin that you can install on your WordPress site that will allow you to take your periscopes videos and upload them onto your site. Periscope is a video marketing live stream site that allows anyone to create videos with smart phone.
It’s the new social media buzz right now. Its like twitter with video.


Key Benefits:

-You can grab any kind of videos and upload to your Youtube channel and then onto your website by simply placing the keywords you are after.

-Periscope videos are up for a time frame of 24 hours but you can grab these videos and place onto your site that way your videos will be unique

-You can create your own videos or grab other people videos legally if you don’t want to create your own

-You can get a ton of free traffic by placing you blog name in videos on Periscope.


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Wp Scope can be a great plugin for your website to get a ton of exposure by uploading your own videos or other videos from periscope. Because the videos on periscope are only up for 24 hours, your site can get a ton of visitors from people looking to watch those videos that they can’t find on periscope or you can create great niche websites with this plugin.


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