Best Places To Advertise Online For Free

Best Places To Advertise Online For Free

Every business starts somewhere. Most of them start from scratch and eventually grow into big organizations. Small business owners therefore may feel like they are constantly wasting a lot of marketing money while advertising.

Having a online business has many pros for example there is a very little start up cost, you can be up in running in a few hours, the cost to keep it going can be very low, and you can make a tremendous amount of money from having it. In most cases you can make enough to earn a full time living.

The problem that most online businesses have is being seen meaning how to advertise online at low cost. Sure advertising online can be easy at times but it can be very costly. You can use ways to advertise such as ppc with adwords, ppv pop up ads, and email marketing which all can be very effective but run you into a pretty penny in the end especially if not done right.

So what can you do to advertise online when your on a very limited budget. You can try SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) by trying to get your website seen and ranked high in Google and other major search engines; however, it may take a lot of time and persistence to rank high. Nevertheless, during this time, there are free places you can advertise your business online for free. It’s top 30 ranked in traffic of all websites. It gets a ton of monthly traffic. You have to be very careful when using If you try to post in a to many places your post will be taken down or you could get banned. Stick to posting in your city. Create simple ads telling viewers about what you have to offer and send them a link to your website. Don’t try to sell to them or sound to spammy.

Writing Blog Comments- A good way to be seen is writing blog comments on blog post related to your business. For example if you are in the weight loss niche, you can post comments below blog post that are talking about the right type of food to eat or good exercises. You can find blogs in your niche by searching on Google by placing “niche + blog” in the search.

Not every blog is going to allow you to put comments under their post but a lot will. When doing so remember to give quality comments to the subject don’t just write anything to place a comment. When your comments are quality you are recognize a lot more and blog owners will accept your comments.

Facebook – It’s top 5 in traffic of all websites in the world. Facebook can be a great place to advertise online for free. With over a billion accounts your ads and post are sure to be seen on Facebook. A good way to advertise is to join groups that are related to your niche and provide quality post in those groups with a link back to your website. The more groups you join and more you post the more you are seen. Don’t just post for free advertisement, get active in the groups. This can be good for you as well to learn more about your business and for networking with others in your field. is a great place to advertise online for free. Just like Facebooks millions of people visit this site daily. By having the right keywords in your tweets and getting the right amount of retweets you can have hundred of people visiting your site. Also for a low cost you can find people on fiverr which have a large amount of followers who will gladly send out a tweet about your business for 5 bucks for you. There is yellow pages online that are free to submit. They help you get to local business by organizing you listings in a geographical manner. There are many categories and some very specific, but once you get the correct one in the right category; you increase your chances of being seen. You will have to work more here, because you need to write an article about your business. If you write a good one, then people who visit the site either searching the topics such as what you are writing about or those posting content will find your products.

You don’t have to stop at writing article about your business you can write articles related to anything that you have to offer. You can outsource your article writing with sites like fiverr which have many writers there. is one of the biggest article directory sites out there so the more articles you have in circulation the more chances you have of your site being seen plus it can help with SEO traffic.
There are more places like,,, Yahoo Answers and much more.
Paid advertisement can be a much faster way to be advertise but when you are working with a very limited budget this may not be the best way to go. By putting in the time you can find various ways to advertise for free. SEO can be great and once you are ranking high in the search engine you can get an insane amount of traffic to your website. As much as you need to advertise your business with your organic marketing efforts, work also by using the free advertising online methods I talked about here and you will receive awesome results.